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January 20, 2011

Boo Weekley


MARK STEVENS: Like to welcome Boo Weekley. Another fine round. Kind of talk us through your round today and then we'll take a couple questions.
BOO WEEKLEY: Started on 10 and I hit a good drive down there and I hit it in there, I don't know, about eight feet, 12, 10 feet. And I was like, all right, I'm going to start out with a birdie and just get it rolling right out the gate. And missed it.
And then all of a sudden next hole I birdied, next hole birdied, I birdied 11, 12, 13.
And then it kind of got, got real slow. I kind of just kind of got aggravated and stood there and stood there and stood there and finally I stepped up on the tee and made a bad swing because, I reckon it was just having to sit there and wait. That's what I blame it on anyway. Made a bogey there.
And then just kind of just stuck around there and nothing really happened next couple holes, I hit it okay, but never really got it close enough to the hole where I felt like I had a real good chance at it.
Then on 18, which is my ninth hole, I hit one in there pretty good out of the fairway bunker and made it.
Then missed, kind of built a little bit of confidence there.
And then on 1 I hit it in there about 12 foot and missed it.
Then kind of the same thing on 2.
Then the same thing on 3. I felt like them three good putts there that I hit at it, but just misread the putts.
And then kind of made one on the par-5.
And then made the other one on the other par-5.
And then birdied 18 there or which is nine for me.
MARK STEVENS: Questions?

Q. You talked yesterday about the new putter, you said these were misreads today, not putting issues really?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, today it was misreads. My speed was pretty good on the putts where I thought that I could make. It was just either I just misread them and I hit them on the speed that I was hitting it on, I was just misreading them. Like I hit it through a couple of the breaks, you know, if it would have been a little slower pace I felt like it would have went in.
Like I hit on the top lip of the hole or hit just on the lower lip of the hole. It was just mostly speed and a little bit of line.

Q. That being said, you are tied for first place after 36 holes. So the putting problems that you had with the old putter, clearly they're finished now, right?
BOO WEEKLEY: I hope so. I mean, I hope that they're gone. I feel comfortable with this putter. I feel like from three foot and to 12 foot, 15 foot, I feel like I can make it. Which is, for the last, I would say about the last year I ain't felt that it in awhile, how's that? So I'm hoping that this was, I was hoping that this would happen.

Q. Charles Howell was in earlier, talking about how the wind was a problem for him early in his round. Did you have much issue with that early in your round?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, I didn't have a whole lot of issue with it because it felt like a lot of the holes that we kind of started out was downwind. Because I started on 10. So it kind of started downwind. And as the week or as the day progressed the wind kind of died a little bit. It wasn't quite as strong as it was this morning when we first teed off.
So I could see where it could be a little more of an issue on the front side when you first went off, especially on like 1, 2, and then 3, with that par-3.

Q. He played Palmer.
BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, yeah, well that, I could see where that -- yeah. I can see where that will would be a little bit more of the issue over there.

Q. By the nature of this tournament and the four different courses, is it hard to even evaluate where you're standing until after Saturday? Do you even, does the leaderboard matter that much when you --
BOO WEEKLEY: I don't think it really matters right now. I feel like we played the two of the easier golf courses, me and Mr. Vegas, that we played two of the easier ones out of the four, so it just all depends on what can happen tomorrow.
I feel like I can go out there and shoot 3 or 4-under tomorrow, keep myself in the hunt, and then go into La Quinta over there and shoot maybe 4 or 5 there, still be, still have a chance somewhere down the line there, yes.

Q. Mr. Vegas, do you know him well?
BOO WEEKLEY: No. No. I just first time I ever shook hands with him right there. But you got to show a little respect, you know, I mean he's on the leaderboard.

Q. Do you know anything about his background where he's from or anything?
BOO WEEKLEY: I ain't got a clue. Look, that's y'all's job.
(Laughter.) That's y'all's job. My job is just to play golf.

Q. 13-under par, that's pretty good scoring at a normal golf tournament.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir.

Q. Is it pretty good scoring here or do you feel frustrated that you left some out there?
BOO WEEKLEY: I feel good. I mean it's -- first time this year, first time in a long time that I honestly can say I played two rounds of golf and I got it in double digits. I mean, to me that's a plus, that's a bonus.
You got to look, you got to be excited about it, because it is, that's still good golf. I don't care what golf course you on, you still got to hit it good, still got to putt it good.
MARK STEVENS: Okay. Thank you.
BOO WEEKLEY: Thank you.

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