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January 19, 2011

Fredrik Jacobson


Q. One bogey, almost another one on the ninth, talk about your day today.
FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, it was a really consistent day, so I was happy. I really think that I played pretty good last week, but I did feel it got a little bit loose at the end of the week, I started hitting it a little bit wider, and I managed to tighten it up for today.
The swing felt better, I was driving it in the fairway and getting lots of looks at it. And also the par-5s are pretty testing targets, even if you're in the fairway, it's kind of narrow targets, so it really tested the commitment and the swing there. And I felt like I was hitting good shots on all of those as well. Yeah, so overall really pleased with the day.

Q. Conditions out there, they look ideal, I don't think they could get any better, could it?
FREDRIK JACOBSON: I don't think so.
(Laughter.) I don't know what you could do to get it any better. This is absolutely beautiful around here. You walk around looking at the mountains and some of the water holes and it's a really sweet place.
And like you said, the weather is, it's, there's a breath of wind, hardly, but just enough to at least give you a little bit of air. And the sun is out and, yeah, it's just a beautiful spot.

Q. Any changes that you made in the off season, some guys have gone to new putters, some guys are hiring new coaches, any changes in your approach to golf this year?
FREDRIK JACOBSON: No, I've been with Callaway for a few years now and I really like the products that I had last year and I haven't really changed much. I got a new 5-wood in there, and, yeah, apart from that I think every club in the bag is the same. So that's pretty much it.
Yeah, just keep working on all the rest of the stuff as usual, that never stops, that keeps going, but, yeah, so not too much.

Q. This tournament is a lot about the amateur players here having a good time, it seemed like you were having a good time with your amateur players too and watching them tee off on the last hole they were hitting it pretty good.
FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, they are all good players. They are five, six, and seven handicaps. They were all pulling off a few good shots, which make it's fun for them as well to make some good scores. And I had a good time, they all knew each other and we had a fun time out there.

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