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January 19, 2011

Boo Weekley


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Boo Weekley in. Boo, making your fourth start here in this event. Opened last week with a tie for 27th in Hawaii and maybe just talk a little bit about your day today and was it a carry over from good play last week?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, I mean, I played pretty solid last week. Srixon's got a new ball out now and I feel like I can control my ball a little better, the spin and trajectory a little better. And last week, the only problem I had there is I just didn't putt the ball as well. I felt like I hit it to finish in the top three if not win that tournament, and then I switched putters this week.
I went to a Never Compromise Gambler is what it's called, and it's 34 inches long and we have been practicing with it yesterday and I got it yesterday early, so went out on the golf course with it and practiced and it felt pretty good and I felt like I could make some putts with it, so we decided to put it into play today and played well.
Kind of carried over, like you said, from last week, the hitting part. But actually to watch some putts fall in the hole pretty good to actually see that.
JOE CHEMYCZ: Changing putters a rare thing for you or do you do it regularly?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, it's pretty rare. I still putt with the same putter I had since Nationwide Tour in 2006.

Q. Why did you change putters then?
BOO WEEKLEY: The reason why I changed putters is because I ain't been making nothing. I didn't make nothing last week, I didn't make a whole lot at the end of year last year. I started hitting the ball pretty solid at the end of year last year and so I decided it was time for a change. And me and my caddie we discussed it and kind of got with Cleveland, the Never Compromise guys out there and they kind of put a putter together for me and we started putting with it and it rolled the ball good, true.

Q. What's different from that -- what does it provide you that your old putter doesn't have, is it feel or what?
BOO WEEKLEY: First thing it's longer. It's a different look. You got to change it up every now and then. You got change the look up. And it's helped out -- and my old putter was a center shafted putter where it went straight in on the top of the club, where this is a heel shafted putter. And it's solid, it's heavy, it's like my other one, it's heavy like that, I don't know how many grams it is, but it's solid and I rolled the ball well with it today and unfortunately I left a few out there, but that's part of golf.

Q. Good play last week, good start to this week, is this, were you expecting a good start to this year? Was there a better mindset, better physical?
BOO WEEKLEY: Physical wise I feel like I was going to start out great. I'm feeling a little more healthier this year as my body goes. I ain't quite got to running yet where I feel like I can do a little more exercise, but I've been stretching and doing my normal routine.
And the mind set, yes, sir, the way I felt last year at the end of the year I was so negative, I was ready so much for golf to be over with and just get in the woods and just hide, you know. It was almost embarrassing. That's, to me, that's what it felt like.
I know how good of a player I am, I know how good I strike the ball. Granted, I'm going to have my putting weeks where I'm a little off here and there, but I'm just a streaky putter. But I went hunting this year, I spent a lot of time in the woods and I kind of got my head cleared up a little bit and I'm ready to get back to golf and get back to doing what I know how I can play golf.

Q. When did you actually feel that snap when you were ready to get back in and feel really good about golf? Was there a certain time?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, I just know I had to do a job, I had to come back out and start playing again. So I practiced a little bit all the way up until Thanksgiving. Then I took pretty much the rest of the year off, more or less.
I did a lot of family things, hunting and fishing with my family. And then probably about the last, I would say the last two weeks, starting last week I come out here prior to Hawaii and played for three days and practiced out here for three days.
And I was kind of like when I left here I was, I had a pretty good, I was like, all right, I'm feeling pretty good about what I'm doing, I'm striking the ball well, we just got to get the putter rolling. And I worked, we when we was here, the three days that we were here playing and practicing I worked pretty hard.
We would go out and play in the mornings and then I stand at the back of the range right out there and just hit balls and then hit certain shots and hit it out of the bunkers.
For me, I really don't do a whole lot of practicing because in the past my shoulder's been hurting me the last two years, I usually get done, I just go straight, I just walk off the golf course. But this year I'm going to do a little more practicing, I feel a little more healthier, So I'm ready to win.

Q. Putting obviously's a big deal at this tournament because you have to make 30 or 32 birdies at some point to maybe win here?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir.

Q. Was there any thought about, well, let's not change putters right now because we're going into this particular event or the greens are going to be pretty pure here, so we don't have to worry about it or was it just so bad that you had to make a change?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, after last week it was so bad I needed a change. I mean, it was, I hit it good last week. It was, I, like I said, I mean, you know we all, you can ask every pro about how they felt last week, but I can promise you that I feel like I should have finished top three if not won that tournament. That's the worst I should have finished was top three, if my putter would have been halfway on.
The last 36 holes I felt like I was holding a rattlesnake. I was afraid to even take it back. It was kind of I felt like I had the yips or something. I didn't know if I was pushing it, pulling it or what was going to happen, I just wanted to get it in the hole and get to the next hole so I could tee off, to get something in my hand I feel comfortable with.

Q. Start putting with the driver.
JOE CHEMYCZ: All right. Boo, thanks for coming in.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir, thank you.

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