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January 14, 2011

Ernests Gulbis


G. SIMON/E. Gulbis
7-6, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What happened? You were very winning the game and then...
ERNESTS GULBIS: Yeah, it happened similar like the days before, that in the beginning of the match I felt good, and then slowly I feel every game worse and worse physically.
Didn't really happen -- I lost the break just because of not enough concentrating on my serve. I was serving for the set, and that game I just blew it. So, okay. Tiebreak is always 50/50.
But starting the second set, when he got an early break, then I didn't have it in me anymore physically and I was done.

Q. Only three points in that second set. It's not often.
ERNESTS GULBIS: Okay. I made three points. Bad luck. Next time I will make four. (Smiling.)

Q. Having felt that sort of physical deterioration in the second set, has that happened to you anywhere else? Has that been an issue for you previously?
ERNESTS GULBIS: It's just happening with me in very humid cities. Today was nice weather, but the days before got my tired, like I said yesterday.
It happened with me in Beijing; it happened with me in Washington when I retired; and once it was similar in Cincinnati. It was just hot and that day was humid, so it was tough.

Q. So your little explosion when you lost the break at 5-4 in the first, was that because you realized that that was your big chance gone?
ERNESTS GULBIS: Yeah. If I were to win the first set, then second set I would fight and I would try to -- it would be tough anyway.
But, you know, if I make the match longer, I make it tougher for myself because I wasn't 100% physically today.

Q. What will you do between now and the first round of the Australian Open to get your body back into shape?
ERNESTS GULBIS: That's my physio's job. Now I give it in his hand. Rest one day, massage, ice massage, whatever it takes.
But I think it's going to be okay, because now it's every day better and better. First round was the worse day, and then yesterday was much worse, and then now it is more or less okay, but still not, of course, 100%.

Q. Did you consider pulling out in the second set?
ERNESTS GULBIS: No, I wasn't feeling that bad. I feel always bad pulling out of the match, because then I think that -- I don't know. I feel bad pulling out.

Q. But do you think someone might think you didn't try hard enough in the second set, maybe an issue of tanking?
ERNESTS GULBIS: The people can think what they want think. I'm not the people. I can say what I think, and I just said it, how it happened.
Whatever they think, that's their thing.

Q. When you broke your racquet, did that break your concentration?
ERNESTS GULBIS: No. If you know me, I break much more racquets. Doesn't affect me much.

Q. Something is related with the quality of Gilles today?
ERNESTS GULBIS: Gilles play good, yes, but nothing special what I didn't see in him before. Played solid match.
But, I mean, first set when I was being more aggressive, I could break him. You know, I could -- I think my game was sometimes a bit too fast for him.
And then when he got into rhythm, he's the best when he's playing counterattack. You know, when I'm going to net or when it's tough balls for him, he goes backhand down the line. Couple times was really good.
But otherwise, no, he didn't surprise me. Just he played a good, solid match.

Q. The way you play in the beginning was huge level, and at the end, the gap is very large. Can you explain this? You tried before, but it's very...
ERNESTS GULBIS: Now we're going around and around one subject. You know, I told you the case, why was it. Of course, maybe I could -- in the best case today, after losing the first set, okay, I could lose maybe 6-3 in the best case with my physical condition.
Because I probably couldn't go three sets today again. It would be -- just physically wasn't the best.

Q. Why did you decide to give your racquet to someone in the crowd?
ERNESTS GULBIS: He asked me.

Q. How far back do you have to go for your kind of worse set than today's? How far back? Have you had a worse one?
ERNESTS GULBIS: No, you're trying to stay on the negative side; I try to stay on the positive side. I made semifinal week before Melbourne, Grand Slam. I played a great first set. I played great two matches before. I played the previous tournament great.
I'm going to Australian Open not thinking about what I did the last set now. I lost it; I didn't feel my best; I'm going to feel good physically in Melbourne. I think I can pass couple rounds, many rounds.
Doesn't affect my mental state that I lost 6-0. Anybody can lose 6-0. Just I feel good. In Melbourne I'm going to -- it's going to be better. I don't see a big problem.

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