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January 14, 2011

Chris Riley


Q. Give us an idea how the course was playing as far as conditions. There's been an awful lot of water here over the course of the week.
CHRIS RILEY: No, it's surprisingly playing very well. We're playing lift, clean and place today, so it really wasn't very wet. The greenskeepers and all the people who are helping, they've done a great job.

Q. How did you play overall?
CHRIS RILEY: I played good. I was nervous coming out early, and then I kind of just settled in. First tournament, first round, so I was very happy with 66. There's nothing like playing in a tournament, so as much as I practiced at home over the winter, there's nothing like being in a tournament.

Q. What about the back nine there?
CHRIS RILEY: I made some putts I shouldn't probably have made, but I also missed a couple. Like on 18 up the hill, it was an easy putt. I'm going to go work on my putting and then hopefully play a little better tomorrow.

Q. Are these greens tough to read?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I think they are, especially I live out in California, and these are more Florida type of greens. Yeah, they're grainy but they're really nice. If you hit the ball well it'll go in the hole.

Q. Why aren't the scores lower today?
CHRIS RILEY: I can't speak for everybody else, but for me it's kind of putting. I'm kind of tentative today, and I usually like to be aggressive. First tournament of the year, this is a difficult golf course for guys. I can see how guys start at the Bob Hope where it's kind of just slap it around, wedge it on and it's a birdie putt, where here, par-70, it's a tough golf course. It's tough to start the year here.

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