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January 13, 2011

Viktor Troicki


V. TROICKI/R. Gasquet
6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Seem to be having a good run against the French lately.
VIKTOR TROICKI: Yeah, in the past few months, I mean, I played pretty good against the French guys. Surprisingly I beat 'em in straight sets. Actually Tsonga I beat in three.
But, yeah, it's going good, and hopefully I continue. It's not easy to play against them, but for me, I guess -- for me it suits me, I think.

Q. That Davis Cup give you a great deal of confidence in such trying circumstances, deciding tie and to win in such an emphatic fashion?
VIKTOR TROICKI: For sure. To win it in front of the home crowd, I mean, such an important match, it really gave me a lot of confidence.
Yeah, I hope I continue to play good during the season. Yeah, I mean, we will see how it goes.

Q. Is it hard to come down off a high like that? It was only a month ago, and now you're playing tennis again. Is it hard to readjust?
VIKTOR TROICKI: No, it's just -- I mean, it was pretty big for like few days. After that, I mean, everything was like it was before. I mean, I started practicing, preparing for my tournaments, and I continued doing the same stuff as I did before.
So, I mean, nothing changed so much. Still practice hard, still I'm playing, traveling to the tournaments, playing the tournaments. So nothing really changed so much.

Q. Has your profile changed at home? Obviously Novak is very well-known at home and worldwide.
VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, right now I think people recognize me even more. They did before because tennis is pretty big in our country for the past few years , but I think now it's even more. Always pretty excited when they see me, and they congratulate me for the Davis Cup.
Yeah, it feels nice, and I'm glad that the people recognize me.

Q. It was a tough match today. Were you nervous when Richard brought it back to 4-3?
VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, yeah, I mean, I thought I had the match under control; I had a break in the second set. He just -- he was -- he started playing better than he did in the beginning. He was rising his game and started playing some really great shots.
I realize that I have to also raise my game and try to overpower him. Luckily I did a good job, and at the end I broke him and served it out.
So it was a tough one. I mean, he's an ex-top-10 player. For sure it wasn't easy to play against him.

Q. What do you think went well for you?
VIKTOR TROICKI: Well, I mean, overall, I think I played pretty good match. I don't know. I mean, I was returning pretty good. From the baseline I was pretty aggressive, so I think this was the key.

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