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January 12, 2011

Alexandr Dolgopolov


6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Been a pretty big day for you: Bernard Tomic in the morning and Sam in the afternoon. What did you do between matches to keep yourself fresh?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Just had some lunch, a shower, and was waiting for the match. It was pretty long on the center court, so just had to wait there.

Q. You have that kind of day before on the ATP Tour where you play two matches in one day?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah, some tournaments I had that, so I'm pretty aware of that.
Yesterday was a pretty hard day, but I managed to, I mean, played a good third set against Tomic and get ready for the next match.

Q. Did you play the Australian Open last year?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah. I lost first round quallies.

Q. You seemed to have all of momentum yesterday, and then to have to come back this morning, was that difficult?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah, it was pretty difficult because I played the second set so good yesterday, and I wasn't really happy that it rained.
But I had a good warm-up. I tried to warm-up as close as possible to the game. Go I go straight to play the match and I played pretty well. I started well and finished the set.

Q. Did you feel like you had nothing to lose playing against the No. 1 seed?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Not really. I mean, we played good match. I started well; I was returning well. It wasn't like a feeling like I'm playing, I don't know, Nadal or someone.
So he's a good player, but I was keen to win and made a good match.

Q. Were the returns the most pleasing part today?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: Yeah, for sure that was good. It is important to return with the guys who serve big, because then they start to miss more points and you get more opportunities and it's easier to hold your serve.
So I was returning well and holding mine, and gave me the match.

Q. Beating a top seed is pretty good. How does that set you up for the year?
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV: It's really good, you know, to go in Australian Open to be able to win some matches and play some games. I mean, I'm not seeded in Australian Open, so you never know who you have to get.
The better I go here, the better for my ranking.

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