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January 12, 2011

Florian Mayer


F. MAYER/J. Del Potro
6-2, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Never easy to play a player like Del Potro, a player of the quality of Del Potro, even though he's been off injured.
FLORIAN MAYER: Of course. I mean, he was injured for a long time, but he won a Grand Slam tournament two years ago, so he's a really good player.
I think I played a very solid match today. Didn't miss a lot from the baseline. Yeah, I'm quite happy with my performance.

Q. One half of the draw has opened up for you with Baghdatis not there. Is it a good feeling for you this week in Sydney?
FLORIAN MAYER: Of course it's a change for all the players now with Baghdatis gone from the bottom half, so it's a good chance.
But tomorrow's getting also a very tough match.

Q. You lost to Del Potro for a couple years now. Tell us, playing today, what kind of level is he at, do you think? He's obviously still coming back.
FLORIAN MAYER: Of course you could see he's not 100%. His serve is really strong, but from the baseline he missed a lot. I think also he was maybe a little bit tired from his long match Monday. Because when you didn't play for such a long time and you play your first match over three hours, it's really tough.
But I really played well from the baseline. I knew when I played my game I had a good chance to win today, and I took it.

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