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January 12, 2011

Na Li


N. LI/S. Kuznetsova
3-6, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. So you made a good comeback today.
NA LI: Yeah.

Q. Tell us what happened.
NA LI: It was tough match because the conditions hot today. Not like yesterday and day before it was rain.
And also, I mean, we are always tough to play each other. We play many times. Yeah, so I don't know. Maybe just beginning the match I lost some energy to fight against the opponent.
Yeah, but after second set I was 5-3 down, maybe just one second wake up, you know. (Snapping fingers.)

Q. So the energy just came to you?
NA LI: Yeah, we just make the joke like after match. My physio stretch for me and he say, You know, I was so angry about you. I say, Yeah, I saw that. Yeah, because he was think about I should more confident on the court, more think about positive, but I always do the opposite.

Q. Both you and Svetlana struggled to gain much consistency throughout the match, and there were a number of unforced errors. Why was that? Because of opposition's game plan or conditions?
NA LI: I'm not sure, because, I mean, how do you say (Through translation.) We try to be more aggressive than opponent. Yeah, so that's why.
Because we know for both player we didn't want to play long match, but every time we play it's long. And also, we know a lot opponent, like me and Kuzy, because we play many times and sometime we also we are practice together, so we know how the player play like on the court.

Q. How tough it was today, is that going to affect your next match? Will you still be tired or fatigued in the next match?
NA LI: They're still not play yet, so I have time to recover a little bit. (Smiling.) So I lucky. I just first finish match so I have time.

Q. What do you feel like you did well today?
NA LI: Yeah, because I just saw the newspaper. They write down and say, Gentlemen, time for quiet. So this morning my husband just show me the newspaper and say, What do you say in the media? I say, I didn't say anything. So we saw like gentlemen have the time to quiet, because I say something bad to him. I said, No, I just make the joke.
So that's why after I lose the first set, he come to the coach. He say, I should say something or I should stop? I say, Okay, just say something. (Smiling.)

Q. Sometimes when you went behind you your head would go down. Are you confident now that whatever situation you can always come back?
NA LI: I'm not always like concentration to come back. But I was feeling like I was the fighter, so maybe another opponent think about, Okay, we couldn't like, how you say, we couldn't have easy match against her because she always fighting on the court.
So, I mean, for sure this is good for me because if you come to the court, the opponent think about, Oh, she is not easy, so maybe a little afraid or something. So, yeah, I was thinking about is good for me, for my all the career also.

Q. Later on in the second set you looked like you were about the lose the game. How did you change that, and what did you say to yourself mentally to change that?
NA LI: I mean, after I was think like, Okay, maybe I think too much like win or lose. I didn't think about how I should play next point. And also, if I miss one point, I was think about, Oh, if I win this point something, you know. So I think too much, not like always focus on the court.
So after I think about, Okay, now I'm 5-3 down already. What you should did? You should change something or you should just continue? Maybe after one minute you just shake the hand of the opponent and just walking out of court or what you should do?
So I think about, Okay, maybe I should try because I didn't want to have to say after the match I think about, Oh, if I should do something maybe I can win this match or something.
So I just try to calm down, to play more aggressive on the court. Yeah.

Q. How do you see your chances in the rest of the tournament?
NA LI: Good chance. (Smiling.) You never know what happened for next round, next opponent. Yeah, for today, the match, I know. I don't need think about too much like win or lose. Yeah.

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