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January 11, 2011

Kim Clijsters


K. CLIJSTERS/B. Zahlavova Strycova
6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It seems to be going very smoothly for you this week so far.
KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, I mean I'm starting my matches well, and I feel that I'm really getting into a groove from the beginning of the match. I think that's an important -- it's an important feeling to have, knowing that you can start off well and really kind of build from there.
Second set I think I let her get back into the match a little bit because I wasn't quite as aggressive. She started mixing it up a little bit and became a little bit more aggressive, but then I played the important points well. I was able to break.
And, you know, I played -- yeah, last few games were good.

Q. Do you worry when it goes this well, or not?
KIM CLIJSTERS: No, no. (Smiling.) Not at all.

Q. Did you sense how frustrated she was getting?
KIM CLIJSTERS: You try just to focus on yourself. Of course I hear yelling and I hear the racquet being hit on the floor.
No, I don't pay attention that much. I hear it, but I'm focused on the next point.

Q. How confident are you at the moment? You seem to be confident just from your form in Sydney and the exhibition matches. Are you full of confidence?
KIM CLIJSTERS: I've only played two official matches, three including the one in Thailand. I feel good; I feel fit.
I think that's obviously something that adds a lot to your confidence if you feel good out there, you know, you have no small problems or you don't feel that physically you're struggling with any injury, you feel fine.
So, yeah, I don't have to worry about that, so I can really just focus on my tennis. You know, there are still things that I want to work on. Every match you have to work on things and try and you have to try and -- there's never a day where you're like, Okay, this is perfect. You always have to keep working and improve and not let it slip away if things are going good.

Q. Is your family here already?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Yep, yep, yep.

Q. They travel with you everywhere?
KIM CLIJSTERS: Most of the time. Last year at the Championships was the first time where Jada and Brian, my husband, didn't come with me to a tournament. But when it's longer trips like this one and when we go to the States, because my husband is from there, so then it's easier to -- long trips I don't want to be away from her for too long.

Q. Does that help you sort of decompress between matches and think about other things and come fresh to tennis each day?
KIM CLIJSTERS: I mean, my life is -- I'm a mother, and, you know, being a tennis player comes third on my priority list.
So, yeah, I mean, when you go home, you know, I pick up on the schedule that Jada is on, and we go from there every time. Obviously my schedule is a little bit, you know, hectic, especially with days like this. You can't really plan anything.
So it's my job to fit into her schedule and help out whenever I'm able to do that when I get back to the hotel or mornings or during the night, whenever.

Q. Does that take the pressure off you as a tennis player? You don't put pressure on that you had before or...
KIM CLIJSTERS: I mean, I don't know. I do it because it's -- like I said, I'm a mother. I think that's my first priority. I don't do it because it's good for my tennis. No, not at all.

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