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January 11, 2011

Na Li


N. LI/V. Razzano
6-4, 1-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. So a more difficult day for you today. What was happening out there on court?
NA LI: Yeah, I mean, today was play a little bit like up down, up down, you know. I mean, today even more tough than yesterday. Rain coming, we go back in the locker room. Also looking outside, sometimes rain, sometimes stop. Then we have like warming up like many times, because we have to always ready in the second.
So, yeah. Also today I feel like today she's playing more flat. So, you know, like so windy today. I think not big problem for her. So I always to see how is the -- like how is I'm doing on the court. Yeah.

Q. Did you have to call your husband on te court when you lost the second set?
NA LI: No, I was calling after first set. He was jump off, come in, and after coaching I was straightaway lose the three games. (Laughter.) Yeah. I was like -- so you know, first time he was coming like, Yeah, just play like that, like more relaxed. After three games I was losing straightaway, he was like, I didn't tell you that. You was play totally wrong.
Yeah, so that's why after I lose the second set. I have no chance to call him again. I think it's better. (Laughing.) No, joke, joke.

Q. So maybe in the future you won't call him when you're in trouble.
NA LI: Yeah, I mean, yeah. Maybe. I can try next time. (Smiling.)

Q. You were talking about jet lag yesterday. Have you recovered a little bit from that?
NA LI: Yeah, I was recover a little bit.

Q. Sleeping a little better last night?
NA LI: No, I was a little bit scary about sleeping in the afternoon. Maybe I couldn't sleep in the evening again. So I just watch TV, use the Internet, talk to the friend.
Yeah, so I was asleep like 10:30. So much better than last night.

Q. So you weren't sleeping on the way to the match today?
NA LI: Yeah. Yeah.

Q. What do you hope to improve this week to be ready for Melbourne?
NA LI: I'm not think about like far away, because I'm still this tournament in Sydney. So, yeah, I just try to see how far away I can going.

Q. So for today, what do you want to do better in your next match?
NA LI: Because I play next match Stosur and Kuzy, so I will watch a little bit to see. Yeah, hopefully I can win again for tomorrow. (Smiling.) Yeah.

Q. Just going to ask you again about your husband. I know you've been sort of joking about him for the last couple days. Was it him that persuaded you to come back to tennis when you took the time out to go to university? Tell us a little bit about how your relationship as a player/coach has developed.
NA LI: Like because before he also tennis player, so he knows like what the player think about on the court. Difference is he man and I woman, and woman always different idea. Of course everyone is different idea.
So he always think about I should follow him, but I always think about he should follow me. So this is the problem. Yeah, but after like couple years -- so right now, yeah, he know a little bit how is I'm think about on the court, so that's why sometimes like because I trust him a lot.
Doesn't matter he come to the court I straight lose the three game. Still I trust him. Yeah.

Q. Just going back again, when you took time out to go to university, did he persuade you to come back and try tennis again? I read you didn't want to come back and play tennis again.
NA LI: I mean, the same time -- we both come to university. Yeah, but in China we have national champion, like Asia Games. Four year, one time. So during the time, you know, my team, they didn't have any good player. So the team captain, team boss, was come to my university to say, Can you just help to us play one more time?
Yeah, because I was think about a lot, because two years I didn't play tennis. I mean, if I do well, okay, she's good. You know, sometime the media, people not so nice. (Smiling.) Yeah, you're right. If you bad, of course many people think about, she stupid. Why she come back to the tennis court?
So after my team was asking me after two month, I say, Okay, I come back. I was young and they pay everything for me. So I think about if they really need me, I should come back for them.
After, I never think about I can come to top 100. So I just keep going until now.

Q. This was 2005? National Games?
NA LI: 2004. Yeah, National Games 2005. Yeah. Yeah.

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