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January 7, 2011

Roger Federer


R. FEDERER/J. Tsonga
6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Very entertaining second set. Were you pleased with the level?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I thought it was a match that was played obviously on the -- the guy serving was controlling mostly the outcome of the points, very often one-two punches by myself and also Jo, and made an exciting match. You know, it was some defense but mostly offensive play.
I think it was an interesting match. You know, I think it's always nice playing against him, because he brings a bit something different to the game, and, you know, maybe had some chances in the second set to get the earlier break. I obviously had more chances than he did, and that was a bit of a pity, but I was able to play a solid breaker.
In the end, that was enough. But obviously the start of the match, the early break was crucial, gave me the cushion to put him under pressure, and I was able to use that till the very end of the match, really.

Q. You also finished the match very well. You didn't drop a point, I think, for 18 serves, something like that.
ROGER FEDERER: Oh, I don't know.
Yeah, look, like I said, I think I felt good, had good rhythm on my serve, was able to mix it up well with pace and slice and kick, what I usually do. When it starts working, you don't even realize anymore. You know, you just go through a few points, you know, here and there where you're not playing many rallies anymore because I'm just serving so well, but I know that that's not the norm. I'm not famous for serving huge, so I need to make it up with variation. I did that well today.

Q. The computer also shows that you're playing more often inside the court the further this tournament went on. Is that a deliberate attacking emphasis that you're introducing?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I played in the first round against someone who was really standing in the court. I mean, he was taking my second serve really early and pushing me back. I struggled with my timing.
Because he was hitting so big, I started to fall further back and further back, which obviously I didn't like, but he really pushed me to. You know, I mean, I really felt the first-round opponent played great.
The second round, I was so uncertain and so unsure how to play against my good friend, and that just made it another real match almost but just a tricky one where I just kind of kept the ball in play and wasn't really great variation in the points. I think that's also why I fell back.
I took a decision to play more offensive, to stay more on the baseline, and I think that's maybe why the statistics showed that I've definitely been trying to take it to my opponents, which I've been able to do now these last two matches.

Q. Could you give us a sentence each, please, depending if it's Rafa or Nikolay that I play?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah. Well, I think interesting match regardless, you know. I'm really excited to see who's gonna win this one.
Rafa has had some tougher matches than maybe we could have expected from him. But look, Nikolay, is he at the level already he was here last year? I'm not sure, you know. So I think that's why it's a bit of an open match. It could all of a sudden be a whitewash, too. You never know.
I think it's an interesting one. I hope I can just see a little bit of it. Whoever I play in the finals, I think Nikolay actually has a very good record in finals, and that makes him tough to play in a finals.
Then Rafa, we know how good he is in finals, and against me, so regardless, it's gonna be tough, tough finals for me. I'm looking forward against either player, because I'm sure it's gonna be just good matches from here on, obviously.

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