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January 7, 2011

Steve Stricker


STEVE STRICKER: I got a good tempo going. Feel pretty good with the driver. I feel pretty good with the short irons and putting really well. I only made one bogey in two days and really should not have made that bogey yesterday on 18. But all in all, it's a good start and sets up for a good weekend.

Q. Your body language is tremendous out there: You're not too high, you're not too low, you're very even keel, your head is always up.
STEVE STRICKER: We are in Hawai'i.

Q. Easy to get frustrated on a golf course, and your game has really matured in the last few years.
STEVE STRICKER: Thank you. I try to maintain that even keel all the way around no matter how I'm playing. But on the inside I'm either fired up or disappointed in myself for making a poor shot or vice versa for making a good shot.
I think that's what I would have been taught as a kid from my father, just to maintain an even keel and try not to get too high or too low with things.

Q. Looks like you're playing with a lot of self-confidence?
STEVE STRICKER: It's pretty good. It's a carryover from last year and a lot has happened to me. Every year has gotten a little better and a lot of good things have happened to me in the last five years and keep building on that. I'm just happy we are over here.

Q. Funny TV yesterday with that drop, Dustin Johnson on 17, just came across as funny on TV. This guy hits it a mile.
STEVE STRICKER: It was so hard to determine. We looked at it again today coming down, and we thought where we saw where -- from the tee, we picked the line today just to see if the fairway -- the rough line cuts way back over there, and this thing was -- he sniped it pretty good.
So it was coming in at an angle. And where the guy said he heard the ball land is pretty much straight across from mine. I'm thinking, we're all thinking, he hits it so much further than me, but he hooked it. It was just very difficult to tell, it really was. We looked at it again today and it's nearly impossible to tell where it crossed.

Q. It's if a funky tee shot.
STEVE STRICKER: It is a funky tee shot, and like I say, it cuts back. You don't realize but it really cuts back there a lot, and he even thought it was going to be in the rough over there. I didn't think he was going to be in the rough. I thought he was going to be in the trees. It's just weird. It's hard to tell. It really is. I think what happened was fair yesterday. I don't think -- he didn't get penalized for it by going all the way back. I think it was fair.

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