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December 29, 2010

Jarrett Anderson

Justin Fuente

Jeremy Kerley

Jimmy Young


COACH ANDERSON: I'd like to thank the Rose Bowl committee. It's been a great deal so far. It's been hospitable for us to come out here and play a great opponent in Wisconsin. We're one of the few non-Pac-10, Big Ten teams out here to ever play in the Rose Bowl. It's going to be an exciting time for us, we've got a big challenge ahead of us, and hopefully we can produce come game day.
COACH FUENTE: I'd like to echo what Coach Anderson just said. We all at one point were kids growing up watching football, and most of us watched the Rose Bowl. It's just a true honor to be here. Everybody has been wonderful, very hospitable to both our family and our team, and we'd like to thank everybody for that. We are certainly looking forward to Saturday.

Q. For Jarrett and Justin, is there a team that this Wisconsin defense reminds you of that you've played this year? Can you compare them to anybody in the Mountain West?
COACH ANDERSON: No, there's not any team that we've seen so far. I think probably the biggest common opponent that we've seen probably would go back to last year in Boise and some of the teams we played in Oklahoma, some of those teams. You can say Oregon State with the front, but it's not quite as large as what we're about to play this coming Saturday, and that's one of the deals that we'll have to face.
Justin has coached over there in the Midwest before and said, they're going to look large. One side of the field is going to tilt one way and the other side is going to tilt the other way. Our kids will see it, and they've been there before, and playing at Clemson last year is a big motivation that they can handle the atmosphere.

Q. Style wise, Justin, is it similar at all?
COACH FUENTE: Well, I think there are some similarities. We've played some teams that are really large. BYU is a very big team up front, but I think these guys, they are a little more complete defense. So I think if you took parts of Utah in the secondary, Utah is pretty good in the back end, BYU is pretty good up front, I think if you kind of mixed and matched some of those guys. But I don't think as the entire package we've seen anybody like Wisconsin that we're about to play.

Q. For either coordinator, I wonder if you could talk about what Jeremy means to your offense and all the different options he can give you with all the different things he can do.
COACH ANDERSON: With him here you want us to talk about him? Well, Jeremy obviously, while he's a very talented young man, he also has football intelligence, which is something that's very important, which allows you to do different things with him that -- you can kind of just throw him in there. He kind of can figure it out on the fly, you know, which I think adds a dimension -- lets us use him and do different things with him.
You know, obviously he is incredible at change of direction. He's not afraid to go over the middle and make the tough catch. He's got great ball skills, all those sorts of things, which adds a great element that we can sit in the staff room and say, what do we want to do today with Jeremy. And the good thing about it is Jeremy can handle all that. He's been able to walk out there and kind of understand what we're talking about big picture wise and walk out there and execute it for the most part.

Q. Jeremy and Jimmy, I wonder, since you guys were slotted for the Rose Bowl, have you heard anything on TV or just from people talking that say TCU in the Rose Bowl; that's not right, they don't belong in the Rose Bowl?
JEREMY KERLEY: For me, I haven't. The only thing I heard was people being more supportive, if anything, wishing us luck and just wishing us the best. I haven't heard anything negative.
JIMMY YOUNG: Kind of the same thing. Really all we talked to was our family anyway, family and friends, so coming from them it's been all positive support.

Q. Do you think this is the best opportunity yet that you guys have had to show people what TCU football is?
JEREMY KERLEY: Of course. What stage not to do it better on than this one. Hopefully it'll be a lot of people watching. We know we have the pressure on our backs, but I think we'll adapt and overcome and hopefully make the best out of this opportunity.
JIMMY YOUNG: We know this is a big stage. I feel like this is the largest stage that we can go out and just show the country how good of a team we are.

Q. Jeremy, Justin was talking about how you are able to kind of adapt and do anything that they call on you. How much of that stems from your days as a high school quarterback and being able to see the game? Does that help at all?
JEREMY KERLEY: Tremendously, and not just in football, the sport of football. I've been doing it in every sport since grade school. I like the pressure, I like that coaches have faith in me, so it's something I love to carry.

Q. Justin, can you talk us back to 1999 when you played at Camp Randall Stadium, please?
COACH FUENTE: It was a long, long afternoon for the Murray State Racers. God. We were severely outmatched, needless to say. But we were a 1-AA team that at the time was a fairly decent program. We had won a few games the year before and had a decent team coming back, but we were playing obviously Wisconsin right in the middle of back-to-back Rose Bowls, Ron Dayne was the tailback. I remember the game. We came out in Camp Randall, and I think our uniforms got lost or something, and I mean, we were in way over our heads.
But we kicked off to them, they walked the ball down the field and scored. We went 3-and-out, they walked the ball down the field and scored again, and then we handed the ball off to our tailback and he went like 67 yards for a touchdown, and that was the biggest mistake we made all day because I think we made them mad. That was pretty much the end of the day there.
But obviously Coach Alvarez was the head coach, and I believe if I'm not mistaken that he had hurt his knee or something to that effect and actually spent the game up in the pressbox. But obviously that was a great atmosphere. Obviously the fans at Wisconsin -- I coached at Illinois State for six years in the Midwest, so I'm familiar with a little bit of the way they support their teams. Obviously it was a great atmosphere.

Q. For either of the coaches, can you just talk about what challenges J.J. Watt presents?
COACH ANDERSON: Numerous challenges. That's what we've been talking about him all week. He's been pretty dominant against tight ends in all the Big Ten and against offensive tackles, too. It's like you always tell -- I have the running backs, so I'm always telling the running backs you've got to look for 99, anywhere he's kind of around. You can't just get them keyed in on that, but you don't want him to take you out of your game plan, but it's kind of one of those things, you see him change the game sometimes. We can't let him kind of have that opportunity, and we've got to make sure we take care of that.

Q. For the coaches, can you guys just talk a little bit about the dynamic of co-offensive coordinators?
COACH FUENTE: Yeah, I think it's worked out really well for us. We have a group of -- our entire offensive staff is ego free, and we sit down there and try and do everything we can as a group to put our kids in the best situation to go win the ballgame.
You know, sometimes I think because it is a group effort, it maybe takes us a little bit longer to get to a conclusion sometimes just because we do kind of look to everybody in the room. You know, every one of our guys on the offensive staff brings a different experience and a different point of view. But as far as Coach Anderson and I, we've got along really well. We're both pretty up front, frank and honest, and if we don't like something, we talk about it and get it hashed out.
Obviously he's sitting next to me, but it's been a pretty good deal for the both of us, I think.
COACH ANDERSON: It kind of helps out when you have a head coach that's a defensive coach, so he's going to put things in perspective that we'd better get it done. It's one of those things that you don't have to worry about it too much.

Q. For Jeremy, who's your favorite football player, and who did you idolize growing up?
JEREMY KERLEY: Reggie Bush by far is my favorite present football player, the versatility that he brings to the game, the flavor, if I can say, that he brings to the game. Growing up I didn't watch much football. I was a big baseball fan. My favorite baseball player I would have to say is Ken Griffey, Jr.

Q. Jimmy, can you talk about their defensive backfield and the challenges that they'll present to you, and if they remind you of someone that you've played this year? What makes them different if they are different?
JIMMY YOUNG: Well, just watching them on film, they're really physical. All their DBs have really good footwork. They have a safety that can really come up and hit you, so you've got to be worried about that.
But as far as comparing them to a defensive backfield that we've seen, our DBs, you know, I haven't really thought about that, haven't really done much comparing. I just want to prepare for this game differently, I guess, and just go off what we see on film and then just go off of that.

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