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December 29, 2010

Jimmy Young


Q. Tell me from watching the videos you've seen about their secondary.
JIMMY YOUNG: As far as their secondary goes, they're really physical. You know, they have some pretty good safeties that'll come up and hit you if you're not careful.
They're really quick on their feet. They have nice feet, and they can get out and run with you, so I feel like it'll be a challenge for us to come out and just make sure we execute to the best of our ability.

Q. When you get to watch video for three weeks, you must know them pretty well.
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. That's what it feels like. You know, we've just been watching film and practicing and preparing for, you know, all the looks that they give.

Q. Yeah.
JIMMY YOUNG: But we feel relatively close to them since we've watched so much film. So you know, we just gotta go out and use what we watched on film, and you know, hopefully it helps us to our advantage.

Q. You said all the looks. How many have you had?
JIMMY YOUNG: Well, I say that. They really -- they really make too many different looks. They just come out of different fronts, and they roll coverages sometimes and play different coverages, so as far as looks, that's what I mean.

Q. What kind of ball does Andy throw?
JIMMY YOUNG: A great ball. A great ball. He's a really good quarterback, and I believe one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the country.

Q. Why do you say underrated?
JIMMY YOUNG: I just -- that's just my personal opinion. I feel that he's accomplished a lot, you know. And I just feel like he's just as good as any other quarterback in the country.

Q. I'm sure you haven't read about it. You've read about them before. They get more publicity.
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. I suppose.

Q. I mean when you say he throws a good ball, I mean it's where you need it to be? It's catchable, it's not taking your fingers off or anything?
JIMMY YOUNG: No. Most of his balls are very catchable, in the perfect spot. When I say mostly, close to all of them.

Q. Jimmy, how long did it take for you and Jeremy and Andy to be able to read each other sort of innately? Did it take the first season or a couple of practices?
JIMMY YOUNG: I just feel like the chemistry was on point. You know, just from two-a-days to the spring, and once we kicked off in the season, everything began to flow, even starting from last year.

Q. I mean when y'all got to TCU, how quickly did you guys -- because I was talking to Andy about how he learned to read how you guys were going to break.
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. And that took, you know, a little while. Like I said, we came in in the summer. You know, we all started to play our Red Shirt freshman year. So you know, at practice we would just get our timing down and make sure everything was down pat, and before you knew it, he was on point with everything, and we were reading each other.
You know, he has a tough job. He has to understand how I run my routes and how Kerley runs a route and when I'm going to come out of my break. So he has a tough job, but he has managed it perfectly.

Q. Are you surprised at all at how well Josh Boyce has played as a freshman this year?
JIMMY YOUNG: Not at all. Not at all.

Q. You probably saw him in the spring.
JIMMY YOUNG: I saw him in the spring and I said to myself, he's going to be a great addition. And he turned out to be, you know, perfect. A very good receiver, you know, and I say in four years -- you know, he hasn't even, you know, really reached his potential and he's already, you know, climbing. So I think that he's a very good addition to the wide receivers' core.

Q. Jimmy, what was your perception of Wisconsin, and how has it panned out since you've watched film and studied them?
JIMMY YOUNG: My perception was I thought they were a really good physical team. You know, I thought that their defensive backs were really good, really quick. And just from watching film, you know, that perception hasn't changed. So I just think they're a really good defense overall.

Q. Since the first time you heard you were playing Wisconsin, did you have any knowledge of how their defense played?
JIMMY YOUNG: I saw them play a few times on television. I saw them play Ohio on TV. And I think I saw them play against Michigan State. So I had an idea just from watching TV. I had an idea of just how they played.

Q. Any surprises, knowing that you've really, really studied them?
JIMMY YOUNG: Just surprised as to how many turnovers they get. They get a lot of turnovers. They're always going to strip the ball. You know, they're very active, you know, as far as trying to create turnovers, and they do a good job at it.

Q. Thank you very much.
JIMMY YOUNG: Thank you.

Q. Several of your teammates were talking about having been through last year, the experience of a bowl game and how some things didn't really go very well, and how that may have prepared you better for this. I was just curious what your experience was.
JIMMY YOUNG: I feel last year was our first time having the opportunity to go and play in a BCS Bowl.
And you know, this year I just feel like, you know, we're more prepared. You know, we understand just how to travel and just how to enjoy it, but not enjoy it too much --

Q. Right.
JIMMY YOUNG: -- to the point of no return. So we've learned just how to prepare better, and you know, just how to go out and execute. You know, and I think it'll be evident Saturday that we're more prepared than we were last year.

Q. I caught the end of, I think, Andy Dalton saying that you guys had some play-calling headsets or something, offensive coordinator communications problems or something like that?
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. We did. We did. We did. I forget which game it was, but --

Q. It wasn't that game, though? It wasn't the bowl game?
JIMMY YOUNG: Oh, it was. It was. It definitely was. I was trying to think. But yeah, they did -- something went wrong with the headphones and they had to do the wired ones or whatever, and it just took a while, and it was hard to get calls down to the field.
I don't know how it worked, but I guess they got some calls down the right way, and you know, they got it on the field somehow.

Q. Your defense kind of gets a lot of headlines. How do you guys look from an offensive standpoint? Do you feel a little overshadowed?
JIMMY YOUNG: I don't. I don't. I think that we have a great defense. We have a very good defense, you know, and I feel that as long as we both come out and execute, you know, I feel like it speaks volumes for our team.
And like as far as having the feeling of being overshadowed, I don't think so. Like I said, we have a really good defense, and you know, I feel like a lot of people are starting to notice our offense more than they have in the past. So you know, I'm okay with that.

Q. It seems like there's still -- even with what you guys have done this year and the last couple of years, seems like there's still some skepticism of how you're going to match up against Wisconsin compared to their size. What do you say to those kind of questions?
JIMMY YOUNG: Well, most of the people who do it, you know, that's their job, you know, just to, I guess to do things like that. The only thing we can do as players is go out and execute like we know how to do. And there's not much that we want to say about that.
Like I said, I just feel as long as we go out and execute to the best of our ability, I feel that we'll do a great job and we'll be able to prove a lot of people.

Q. What do you see when you look at their secondary?
JIMMY YOUNG: I see big defensive backs, bigger than average. And when you look at their safeties, there are some safeties that'll really get downhill and put a licking on you. You gotta be conscious about that.
As far as the cornerbacks, they really have good feet, really quick, and it'll be a challenge for us to go out and execute. But you know, that's a part of it. That's what we gotta come out and do.

Q. When you watch Peyton Manning and he knows all those receivers they have in their core, has it gotten to that point where you guys and Andy sort of instinctively know what he wants you guys?
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. I think it plays a role with him as well. Like he knows just when I'm going to come out of a route or when Jeremy's going to come out of a route, he can feel the different types of routes that we run.
You know, he just has that talent about him. So it's been a good deal of, you know, staying after practice, running routes with them, just so we can get that chemistry down and get our timing down. And as of now it's paid off to be a really good thing.

Q. Where has Andy made the biggest improvement over his four years since he started?
JIMMY YOUNG: His confidence and his leadership role. His leadership has grown tremendously. He's very calm in the huddle. He doesn't get really, you know, riled up. He just motivates us, and you know, he keeps us calm, keeps us level headed.

Q. Your story is -- I remember the story when Buffalo played Dallas in the Super Bowl, some of the Buffalo players were intimidated walking out on the field. What do you think your emotions are going to be like stepping out on the Rose Bowl field on New Year's Day?
JIMMY YOUNG: Man, just stepping out on the Rose Bowl field alone, you know, within itself, I feel like that's enough motivation, no matter who you're playing.
I feel like the Rose Bowl is like the most prestigious bowl, you know, the most exciting, in my opinion. So just going out on the field and, you know, just saying that you're playing in the Rose Bowl, it just gives you chills. So I feel like for me and most of my teammates, that'll be enough motivation.

Q. The kids that grow up in Pac-10 and Big Ten country, this is sort of the crown of achievement. Could you have ever imagined being in this position playing here?
JIMMY YOUNG: I didn't. I didn't. But I knew with the way that the program was going, you know, I knew that we would be successful in several different ways. But never would I have imagined that, you know, that we would be playing the Rose Bowl game. But I can say that we can, and I'm very excited about it.

Q. Do you find yourself watching yourselves play?
JIMMY YOUNG: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I like to get on Youtube sometimes and just type in Kerley's name and go to town. He does a really good job.

Q. (Indiscernible).
JIMMY YOUNG: He's really dynamic and he's just electrifying. And any time you have a player with those two attributes, you know, you got trouble. So he's just a great athlete and great person to be around.

Q. (Indiscernible). Question about the receivers. Is that going to be an advantage for you guys?
JIMMY YOUNG: I feel like they can. We try to use that to our advantage every game.
This game in particular, you know, I feel that we can come out and execute and hopefully just do well within the receiving core.

Q. (Indiscernible).
JIMMY YOUNG: It was huge. We had Josh Boyce step up tremendously. You know, and I wasn't really surprised. He showed us great potential in the spring when he came out. He did some very electrifying things, so I wasn't surprised that he did it during the season.

Q. How about their defense? Does it compare to any you've seen?
JIMMY YOUNG: I haven't really thought about it, but if I would have to say just anybody that we've played against, I would say more so like Utah, with the big safeties and the quicker corners. And they'll also hit you. So I would have to compare them to Utah.

Q. And this week, has it been different than last year?
JIMMY YOUNG: Oh, yeah. This year we know just how to, you know -- as far as travel, we know how to have enough fun and not too much. Like we just -- I feel like we know how to handle it. We're more prepared to handle it this year versus last year.

Q. How much motivation does it give you, thinking about last year?
JIMMY YOUNG: Oh, yeah. That's the whole goal. You know, the whole goal is to come here and win, you know. Of course, we're happy with being here at the Rose Bowl, but the ultimate goal is to come out and win.

Q. Do you feel like you guys have to think (indiscernible) what happened a year ago?
JIMMY YOUNG: No. I haven't really, you know, been doing much thinking about last year, just really focused on this year.

Q. Jimmy, what are two or three things the wide receivers have to do to be successful on Saturday?
JIMMY YOUNG: Run good routes, execute and catch all the balls.

Q. Talk about your quarterback. He had a rough time last year at the Fiesta Bowl, and he seems a little more on a rail, so to speak, in terms of preparation for this game. The whole year seems like he's taken it to a new level.
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. I'm pretty sure that Andy will come out firing. Last year, you know, took a little heat. They got to him a few times, but I'm sure this year he'll be focused. Having that experience from the Fiesta Bowl last year, I'm pretty sure that he'll be okay.

Q. How about the Rose Bowl? This program's come a long way, BCS last year and Rose Bowl this year. How much did that experience last year make it easier to be here, or know what to expect this year?
JIMMY YOUNG: Well, it happened last year. Like I said, it just -- you know, we kind of know how to deal with it now, as far as coming to another city, a big city, and we know how to have enough fun, but not too much fun.
We know that we're here to enjoy ourselves, but overall we want to come out executing and get the win. So with that being said, we can't just go out and stay out all night trying to party or whatever. We know that the ultimate goal is to come out and win. And that he is what we're really focused on. And I feel like we can thank the Fiesta Bowl last year for showing us just how to come out and prepare for a game of this stature.

Q. You guys have been a Top 10 team now for about three years, but you're still referred to as a little school. Talk about that and how much you feel like being underrated, you kind of carry that with you.
JIMMY YOUNG: Well, as far as like you said, some people are calling us the little school or whatever. You know, we do use that as motivation, but we don't look at ourselves as like the little school. We just come out and try to execute. And we know within ourselves that we can play with anyone. So with that being said, we don't -- like I said, we don't look at ourselves as the little brother, or little school or nothing like that.
We're just going to line up every week with whoever we're playing, and we want to just come out and execute knowing that we can play with whoever we line up against.

Q. Andy talked about you guys having (indiscernible). Do you feel like that can ever change or maybe a win would give you that?
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. I feel like a win would definitely, you know, get us over the hump, over thinking that we need to, you know -- over the hump we need to get over. I feel like a win would definitely do that.
And like I said, we do have a lot to prove from last year's performance, but I feel like we'll do a good job and come out and execute well.

Q. Does that leave like a chip on your guys' shoulder at all?
JIMMY YOUNG: What's that?

Q. The national kind of reputation.
JIMMY YOUNG: In a certain way, yeah. You know, it puts a little chip on our shoulder, but like I said, we don't just look at ourselves as, you know, the little brother of the big schools.
So like I say, we just want to go out and line up with whoever we're playing and just execute to the best of our ability.

Q. Would you think it's something that maybe you guys don't talk about, but you all kind of know individually, that you know in your head that people doubt you guys?
JIMMY YOUNG: Yeah. We don't. We don't. We kind of use that as a motivation factor just to go out and line up with whoever we're playing and just go out and give it to 'em really. So as far as, you know, just talking about it, we don't say much about it.
We feel that we can just play with whoever, you know, with whoever lines up in front of us.

Q. Describe Jeremy in one word.

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