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December 4, 2010

Bogdan Obradovic

Nenad Zimonjic


3-6, 6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I would like to know from Troicki and Zimonjic what do you think was the key of this change of the result? Was it the better return of the French players? What was the key, in your opinion?
NENAD ZIMONJIC: I thought we were in control of the match for a set and a half, until I think 6-5 when they broke us for the first time. We still managed to win the tiebreaker. I felt we were then in control. Every game on Arnaud's serve, we were putting a lot of pressure.
And I thought the change came when they used the opportunities that they had in the beginning of the third set. It was a bad call for us at 15-30 point when Viktor was serving, he served a winner's serve, which Mika barely touched. The line judge called it out, and it was overruled that the ball is good.
Today, for example, this point we had to replay, and yesterday a very similar thing happened against Janko, where he was hitting the ball, he was on the ball, and they gave the point to the French.
We had to replay the point. We lost that point. It was 15-40. They used the chance. I thought there was the changing of momentum was right there, when they started to play better.
I think overall we played a good match. We had maybe six, seven breakpoints after that that we did not take. That's basically where we lost the match.
We have to congratulate them. They played really well. They were fighting for every point, like we did. There had to be one winner.

Q. Captain, if eventually there is a fifth game, do you already have your choice for the player?
CAPTAIN OBRADOVIC: The fifth match? I still didn't make the decision, of course, who is playing. You can see here in this table.
But we will see. We have enough time to recover. I just want to congratulate to my team. They play really great today. They didn't have much luck, like the French team.
But still we are ready to fight tomorrow. We have two more matches, and we will give our best effort tomorrow. We will try to win.

Q. Captain, what did Molina say to you regarding the call and why the call was what it was?
CAPTAIN OBRADOVIC: Well, I don't want to arguing anything about that. That's his decision. Just for me, it's really a strange rule. But two times the same rule, it was deciding to give the point to the French. So I don't know what is actually going on. After this, I'm going to speak with officials of the ITF just to see what is going on with that.
But now we going to be focused on tomorrow's match.

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