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December 3, 2010

Guy Forget

Gilles Simon


6-3, 6-1, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Are you satisfied with today's result? What do you think about both matches? Mr. Simon, how do you feel after the match today?
GILLES SIMON: Well, of course I feel sad because I lost the match. It was a very difficult match. Of course, Novak is a very good player, so I know I had to play my best tennis to have a chance to defeat him. Unfortunately I didn't manage to do it today.
I had some opportunities in the first set. There were two very important games when we were 3-All in the first set. Unfortunately, he broke me. Then I had the chance to break back, but I didn't do it.
Then the second moment at the end of the match, I wish I could won the third set because I saw him a little bit tired. Unfortunately, he played a good tennis until the end and finally I had to lose in three sets.
CAPTAIN FORGET: Well, you know, I think 1-All, everything is very open for both teams. We saw two matches today that went one way. I think the best players won today.
I think that leaves the doubles very important, I guess, tomorrow. You know, I know who's going to play for my team. I think Novak might be playing doubles tomorrow. That's my guess.
But anyway, that doubles match will be probably crucial. We're going to do everything we can to win it tomorrow and try to play, once again, very consistent tennis.
Arnaud and Michael, they've been playing together for many, many years. When they play well, they are very good. They're one of the best doubles teams in the world. They've had some great success at Wimbledon. They won some very big matches, beating the Bryans in the U.S. in Davis Cup. They've done well on a lot of occasions.
So, you know, I know we'll play a good doubles. What I don't know is how well Nenad, who is a tremendous doubles player, and his partner, whether it's Novak or Troicki, how they will play together.
I mean, I think the four guys who will be on the court have a lot of talent and are very gifted. I think we'll see some very good tennis.

Q. There are a lot of French people at the stadium. Can you tell me something about the atmosphere. It seemed more like you played in France than Serbia.
CAPTAIN FORGET: No, I don't think so. I wish we could have played in France (laughter). I tell you, we really feel like we're in Serbia because the crowd is pushing for their team. That's normal. That's why Davis Cup is special. We have been playing home the last few times. You can feel when you have the people clapping and pushing behind you all the time. Here we feel that the crowd is pushing behind Novak and all the Serbian boys.
But the arena is very big. It's nice. I think it's a great place to play a Davis Cup finals.

Q. The president of your Federation told the ITF he wanted the referee in the chair to take care about the chanting in between the first and second serve. He was worried about that. What do you think when Novak was serving at 5-4 for the match, that three or four times your fans was doing that in between first and second serve?
CAPTAIN FORGET: I mean, have you watched the match yourself?

Q. Yes.
CAPTAIN FORGET: I don't want to fall into that because that has nothing to do with sport. Our president does whatever he does. I have nothing to do with it.
On a few occasions, there were people whistling when we toss the ball in the air. I think that's not nice. Because, you know, it's okay to have people clapping. All of us enjoy it. I hope it's going to keep on going, staying fair. When you throw a ball, you're about to play the point, you should be quiet.
I don't want any French people to do it. I will tell them. If they happen to do it, I will tell them that I don't want them to do it, and they will stop immediately. I wish the same thing will happen with the Serbian fans. It's not a nice feeling to hear that.
I think the French players and the Serbian players, they know each other. I think we have really good relations together. It doesn't need to get to that point to make things very tight or very annoying for everyone.
On a few occasions today things were fine. On a few occasions it could have gone into something not very nice. Overall I think it was okay, and I hope it will stay this way.
We are here to watch good tennis in a good atmosphere, and I hope, no matter what the results, it will be like this all the way towards the end.

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