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December 3, 2010

Paula Creamer


Q. So you kind of underestimated the preparation maybe?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes and no. I still prepare the same way I would any tournament. I just didn't come out and play it as much as I should have. However, the greens and everything have gotten so much faster and firmer these last three days, there's nothing really I could have done differently for that.

Q. This is an old topic for you but do you think for the civilians, they become more interested if there's an identifiable, iconic, clear-cut No. 1 player, or if there's --

Q. The group like we have right now?
PAULA CREAMER: No, I don't necessarily think there is a No. 1 player right now.

Q. I know right now. Do you think fans find it more interesting if there's a --
PAULA CREAMER: I've been saying in several of my interviews, I think rivalries are good right now for women's golf. We have always been such a one-person dominated the sport for, geez, how many years with Annika and Lorena. Now it's a different thing and we used to be able to say we drive into this tournament, there's six players up there trying to fight for No. 1; normally it would be one person. I think that's a good thing for women's golf right now.

Q. There's one former Player of the Year in this field, Laura Dave he's.
PAULA CREAMER: I did not know that. That's interesting.

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