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November 30, 2010

Arnaud Clement

Guy Forget

Richard Gasquet

Michael Llorda

Gael Monfils


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Michael Llodra, you beat Djokovic recently at the Paris Masters. Was that a confidence boost for you? Do you think you can repeat that kind of performance in the arena against Djokovic? What do you expect of the tie overall? Do you think France can win?
MICHAEL LLODRA: Yeah, it's good, I beat Djokovic in Bercy. But, you know, Davis Cup, it's totally different than ATP events. Even if it's good for me, for my confidence, I mean, we play in Davis Cup now since long time and I knew it's totally different.
We enjoy to be here. We hit some balls this morning. The court is nice. So we expect like a tight match, of course. We'll see after on the court.

Q. Mr. Llodra, your match win in the quarterfinal tie against Spain, you got your chance the first day and beat Verdasco in that epic match. How does it help you for your confidence for this, maybe the most important singles match in your career?
MICHAEL LLODRA: It's always, you know, not a pleasure, but an honor to play for your country. When you have to play, you have to be good to win the matches. Especially against Verdasco, I have nothing to lose. So I play one of my best match, of course.
But, you know, every match is different. Many players can take my spot. We'll see this week. We don't know who's going to play, but I know it's going to be a good guy on the court.
So we'll see.

Q. Captain, is not having Tsonga on your team a big setback for France? Is having him as support on the sidelines a big plus for the team?
CAPTAIN FORGET: Well, you know, of course when you have someone like Jo that is not on the team, it's a minus. But on the other hand these guys here made it to the finals almost without Jo. They really deserve to be in the finals.
Now, you know, Jo is a strong supporter of the team and he will be here to cheer his friends. That's what matters.
So, you know, Jo really feels concern about the team. I know in the future he will play a very big role. He has in the past, but he will in the future.

Q. Mr. Monfils, Serbian players said they will cut their hair like Fabien Barthez if they win the Davis Cup. Do you have special plans to celebrate winning the Davis Cup?
GAEL MONFILS: I don't know yet. I will think about it. But nothing planned yet.

Q. Mr. Forget, you saw the arena. What do you think about the stadium and about the court?
CAPTAIN FORGET: We wish we would have a big stadium like this in France. Our biggest is smaller than this one. I hope in the future we will be able to have such a big stadium.
It's very nice. You can have concerts, basketball matches, anything here. I think it's made for big moments like this one.
So, no, it's wonderful. You're very lucky.

Q. Mr. Forget, who will play the second singles? Does did you decide this?
CAPTAIN FORGET: Is it your first time in a Davis Cup match (laughter)?
You know, I tell the players, all of them, all five of them here, we've been practicing since last week. All of them have been playing the same amount. All of them, you know, shouldn't be surprised if they have to play singles on Friday.
I haven't told them who is going to play yet. They don't know about it. What I know is all of them playing well. If they go on the court, they will provide a great level of tennis.
Now it's my responsibility. As you know, you want to keep it until Thursday at noon.

Q. Captain, you're more than 20 years in Davis Cup team of France, as a player and captain. Do you think that your experience can be the crucial factor for maybe winning Sunday?
CAPTAIN FORGET: You know, the players make the things happen. I'm not playing. I cannot make anything while they're hitting the ball.
What I can make sure is that, you know, nothing bad happens, that the atmosphere is good. I try to make sure that they play their own game. So far they've been doing great. So I'm very proud of leading a team like this one. For another week I'll try to make sure that they respect their line and they stay focused.
But once again, they've always been really, really concerned and very successful.

Q. Mr. Monfils, would you rather play Janko or Viktor in the first singles game on Friday? For the team captain, how do you feel in Belgrade? Do you feel safe enough?
GAEL MONFILS: No, I mean, for me is no difference because I know Viktor and Janko will be tough match. For sure, they will have tough expectation from the crowd. I know it will be hard.
For me, doesn't really matter.

Q. Mr. Llodra and Gasquet, is it true that you don't like each other and you are in a quarrel?
RICHARD GASQUET: (Giving a kiss on the cheek to Michael Llodra.)

Q. How big a factor can the fans be? Do you think they can be a crucial factor in the tie?
CAPTAIN FORGET: To be honest, it's always easier when you play home because you have the crowd behind you. Of course, you know, Novak and all the boys will have a crowd, and that's going to help them.
We've been playing matches on every continent, in every major. All these guys have been playing Davis Cup matches. They know how they have to behave and how they have to play when they have a crowd against them.
I think, once again, our real concern is the level of playing of the Serbian players. I mean, not only Novak. Everybody talks about Novak. I think in the semifinals, you know, Janko, he won both singles. He's a great player. Viktor, as well, he's playing very, very well.
We're more concerned about the fact that we're going to have to play very well if we're going to have a chance to win. I mean, the crowd is one of the details. Sometimes it matters. But you want to focus basically on one person: the guy on the other side of the net. He's the one who makes things happen.

Q. Mr. Clement, are you ready for doubles? Mr. Monfils, is everything okay with your foot?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes, I'm ready for the double. I don't know yet if I'm going to play. That's a question for the captain. But I'm ready to go on the court, yeah.
GAEL MONFILS: And for my foot, it was I think like French journalists make up the stories.

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