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November 27, 2010

Daniel Nestor

Nenad Zimonjic


6-3, 3-6, 12-10

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. First time you got over the Bryans this year. Pretty much the perfect time to do it?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, for sure. It's our last match against them. So it's good timing. We've had a lot of great battles over the years. Today was a typical match between the two teams where, you know, it's very evenly matched. We were fortunate to win in the end.

Q. How do you look ahead to finishing on the best possible note tomorrow?
DANIEL NESTOR: Well, I mean, it's going to be a tough match either way. We lost to both those teams recently. They're both playing really well. One team just won Bercy, Mirnyi/Bhupathi. They're obviously playing well here, too. The Polish made four finals in October.
They're one of the up-and-coming teams. They've been playing well, knocking on the door for years. They're a dangerous team, serve huge. Either way it's going to be tough.

Q. For you to possibly win, what would that mean ending it up with a big title?
DANIEL NESTOR: Great way to finish. No better way to finish. I was lucky enough to have that experience with Knowles, 2007. Our last tournament we won. Obviously that's the way to do it.

Q. In all four of the meetings this year against the Bryans --

Q. Well, including this one.

Q. They've swapped sides to begin with. Did you come into the match with specific tactics to combat that?
NENAD ZIMONJIC: They've been doing this every match. Last three matches that they won, they've been doing that. They had success with it. Today they tried to do the same thing. They did it in Basel, as well.
They switched back to the way they normally play for the super tiebreaker in Basel. They end up winning that. Today it was actually the second time for us to beat them this way. One more time when they tried, it was in Cincinnati. It was the first time they tried. Those were the two closest matches we had, this one and in Cincinnati.

Q. What was the thing with jumping over the net, the Bryans jumping back?
NENAD ZIMONJIC: Yeah, I jumped once over the net. I don't know. I try not to pay attention what they're doing. They're chest bumps or whatever they do.
Just tried to get energy back and to be ready to play. So it's down to a couple of points with them, a couple of reflexes. Today could not be a closer match than what happened in the super tiebreaker. Only one mini break.
DANIEL NESTOR: He likes to showcase his athletic ability. That's what he's trying to say, in other words (smiling).
NENAD ZIMONJIC: And my partner is very funny (smiling).

Q. You played against Mirnyi, which will be your partner in the future? How does it feel playing against him?
DANIEL NESTOR: I've played against him so many times.

Q. Now you're playing next year together.
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, it's something different to think about.
But I've faced so many different scenarios over the last 18 years, that kind of stuff doesn't get you excited anymore. I think it's just another match right now.
You know, they're playing well. It's good to see that he's playing well. We're going to try and beat them for sure in the last match.

Q. How do you rate the performance today as opposed to the previous three matches? Did you both play well at the same time today?
DANIEL NESTOR: I think it was similar to the first two. We did a lot of good things. Maybe could have done a few things a little bit better.
But, you know, basically we're playing with good energy. We're serving well. I served well when I had to. I wasn't necessarily serving well the whole time. Nenad has been serving well the whole week.
Good energy. Good fighting. That's the most important thing.
NENAD ZIMONJIC: I thought the difference was in all these four matches we played this year that we lost our serves early in the first set, and that's where the Bryans got advantage, then we were struggling to get back into the match.
In this match particularly, it was different that we were the ones to win a set, to kind of get a control. One bad game in the second set, and then I thought the volley that I missed at 40-15 point, that cost us that second break.
Overall I thought we played really well and we could not play better than what we did in the super tiebreaker. I thought they also played well.

Q. So you obviously held your nerves well in the tiebreaker? Nenad, you played a fine half volley down the line on one of their match points.
NENAD ZIMONJIC: Turned out to be good situation because Daniel already committed to go. So I could see that he's not going to get it if he would hit the shot, probably we would end up losing the point because Bob was already there.
It was probably one of the toughest shots to play today under circumstances. I have to say that I was very happy when I saw that ball going into the court.

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