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June 10, 2000

Dennis Paulson


DENNIS PAULSON: Didn't play very well. The same golf course everybody else has been playing. If you don't make putts, nature of the beast. Hit a great second shot -- (inaudible) -- and the good shots I did hit today, the few that I did hit today, I wasn't rewarded for them. I mean, hit a great shot on 17, and I ended up making a 15-footer, and I hit a few on the front that were pretty good. Just a couple of pins that were kind of suspect today. Other than that, just, you know, got to go try to go make some birdies tomorrow. Perfect drive and just landed an 8-iron in the bunker didn't get up-and-down. 5, driver 2-iron on the green 2-putted from the front edge that was probably about 80 or 90 feet probably. No. 10, pulled it dead right, hit some roots, chipped up short of the bunker made an incredible up-and-down for bogey. 12, hit a perfect drive and trickled down and just cut the hill and sloped down in a little bit of rough. I thought it was perfect where I had hit it, and got down there and I was in the rough and tried to fly it with a 9-iron, took that left. Hit an absolutely great chip out of a really bad lie and I made it to about two feet maybe and missed that. 14, I hit the green there. That was really special, to 30, 40 feet. Hit a great putt that went seven feet by. 15, left rough, left of the bunker, played it over the green, had a perfect pitch shot, went down to the bottom of the hill and 2-putted for double. 17, hit a pitching wedge to the middle of the fairway, hit right of the hill and skipped up to about 15 feet and made it.

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