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November 21, 2010

Matteo Manassero


Fourth Round 62. Total 259 (-21)

Q. A tremendous low score.
MATTEO MANASSERO: Fantastic day actually for me. I started the day quite far behind. Poulter was 19, I was 13. Yesterday wasn't as quiet almost, but I wasn't holing as many putts as I should. Today was a little bit like the second round playing even better I would say in the final stretch.
I made some great shots, so I'm very happy actually the way I played and the way I tried to catch the leaders.

Q. You mentioned that deficit into the final round. What are your thoughts when you're six behind and knowing there's a lot of ground to make up?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Try to make a good round. Try to shoot under par. And that's all you're asking for, make a good round and see what happens in front. I had actually no -- I wasn't thinking I could have got this close at one point, because at one point, I was nearly tight.
So you just think to play well, as always, as all the rounds, you try to approach the round as everyone else.

Q. Talk me through the eagle, wonderful approach.
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, it was a great shot there. I hit a good driver, actually, and then just in the semi, and I hit probably one of the best shots today with an 8-iron to 17, but nearly holed it.
So it was a great shot and made me really think about a great round.

Q. Did you think you might have a chance?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, top three, I was there, I wanted to stay in the top three. And that was really a good turning point for me.

Q. Very quick turnaround. I imagine a flight out of here and straight into Dubai?
MATTEO MANASSERO: Yeah, tonight I'm going to Dubai. It's going to be a great week. Obviously Top 60, I achieved it, and it's been a great year, and good way to finish it.

Q. Reflect a little on that great year, because when we spoke in Switzerland, and you were looking forward to getting your card and the victory has come, Race to Dubai --
MATTEO MANASSERO: Everything, really, went quickly and out of my goals and my expectations. You take everything and more it comes, you take it, it's great.

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