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November 20, 2010

Simon Dyson


Third Round 65. 16-Under Total. 194

SIMON DYSON: I played really nice today. It's always nice playing with Rory, though. He's one of my stablemates at ISM and he's a good friend, as well, and we both helped each other today and both played really nice. Just dropped a couple of stupid shots really. One was a wind change, which got me, and then another was a bad shot and another was a wind change, as well.
But a shame, otherwise it would have been a very good round, 62, if I had not dropped, but there's some tough holes out there, but it was good again.

Q. And an explosive start, maybe not with a hole-in-one like the first day but three birdies gets you going.
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. The 8-iron at the first couldn't have come out any better than it did. It just came out absolutely perfect.
And then the second, yeah, I hit a good shot, holed a great putt at the second.
And then the third, I had a wind change on my second shot, come up short and then hit a nice chip and had a wind change on the fourth which cost me a shot which was a shame; otherwise it would have been a very good start.

Q. I know you're one to never waste time on the greens, but 11 and 12, you seemed to size up the putts, back over them, hole them, no worries at all.
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. This week has been the best I've putted all year really. So the confidence is pretty high and I'm seeing the lines pretty good. You know, when you're not striking the ball that great, not striking your putts that great, it's hard to see the lines.
But I seem to be getting a very consistent strike on it so my pace is good, which obviously helps you see the lines a lot better.
And I'm putting pretty good.

Q. You don't seem to be second-guessing.
SIMON DYSON: No, that's it. The worst thing you can do is second-guess yourself and if I ever do, I'd back off it and then go and have another look.
Yeah, I seem to be seeing them pretty good, so hopefully, see them even better tomorrow.

Q. I'll state the obvious, you're in that fine position where you want to be.
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. Absolutely. I said to Gaia, "I don't really like leading going into the last day." All of my tournaments I've won, I've always been a shot or two behind.
I'm in a nice position.

Q. And I guess on this course, what we've seen over the previous days, you don't want to be too far back, but you do know that people can come off the pace so you've still got to keep the same attack?
SIMON DYSON: It showed yesterday, Kang shot 61 and Poults shot 60. There's a score to be had out there. You know, drive it well, hit your irons good and get bread and butter working and then you never know what can happen.
It's set up for a great day tomorrow, though.

Q. Only takes you to be in the mix to feel competitive?
SIMON DYSON: Absolutely. Absolutely. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

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