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November 18, 2010

Damien McGrane


First Round 65 -5

Q. 5-under, a very nice return, isn't it.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, I played steady. I like the course. I hit a lot of good shots and I holed a couple of putts for birdies. I missed from about six feet on 9 for a par, and after that, I was steady and I made a good par on last hole, so I had four birdies in a row, and I just had to be patient and wait for them to come my way.
10, 11, 12, 13, so that was nice. But you know, I've played lovely all day and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. It's not Valderrama where you obviously played well a couple of weeks ago, but it's the same kind of precision that's needed, isn't it?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely. It's possibly a little bit more generous and the rough is not as high as we would expect for Hong Kong Golf Club. But it's about getting the ball in the right part of the greens and about hitting greens in regulation, and especially the par 3s. You know, picking off the birdies whenever they come your way.

Q. Am I right to assume that like everybody, you are keen to come back to this venue?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely. Absolutely. And the temperature is ideal, as well, isn't it, compared to last week, the melting pot. But I think it's more civilised this week.

Q. You don't like the hot temperatures?
DAMIEN McGRANE: I struggle in the hot temperatures.

Q. Because?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Because I'm not built for it.

Q. And this is ideal, isn't it?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Well, this is nice now, yeah. But it's still warm but it is nice. You know, it's nice to be here and the temperature is pleasant, so you can get out there and play golf and you're not melting or falling apart with a few to play.

Q. My memory says you've done all right here before?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Well, I've played here several times, yeah. Needless to say the greens are beautiful out there, and if you manage the grain, it's possible to play well and it's possible to hole a few putts.
So I'm looking for more of the same to be honest.

Q. And you feel that the game is nicely staying in shape?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, yeah. I hit a few ropey ones today but I got away with them and that's what it's about, getting away when it's not perfect and just whenever you have opportunities, picking them off. But tomorrow is another day and I'm looking forward to getting back out and doing similar again.

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