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November 18, 2010

Mark Brown


First Round 62 -8

CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Mark, well played, nice round and you're in the lead. Must be a special day for you. Tell us about it.
MARK BROWN: A good day. Kind of a bit of a surprise after my form over the last two months, but a good surprise. Good to get out in the afternoon and post a score like that.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: What's the key to the low scoring?
MARK BROWN: It's the sort of course that gives you a lot of chances as long as you hit it in the fairway. I just tried to get the ball in play. Don't hit a lot of drivers, which probably suits me the way I've been hitting my driver lately. So just trying to get it in play.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: The front nine, you got to 8-under through 12 holes, did you have an inkling that a t was a special round and did 59 cross your mind?
MARK BROWN: It kind of did. I birdied 4 to go 8-under and the fifth hole, the par 3, I hit a beautiful shot into five feet or six feet and thought if I can knock that in and get to 9-under with four holes to play, that it was a possibility. But missed the putt. And then didn't really give myself many chances, makeable chances to finish off. So that went out the window pretty quickly.

Q. Have you ever gone lower in a tournament than a 62?
MARK BROWN: No. I remember having 62 as an amateur golfer playing in an event for a New Zealand team, but easily the lowest as a pro.

Q. Is this the style of golf course that you like?
MARK BROWN: Yeah, it's nice to play it. Nice to play something a bit different. And like I said, I've been really struggling with the driver the last couple of months, so when you don't have to hit it that often, it sort of makes the course suit me.
It's nice being back on an old-style, firm golf course. It's a really nice change to the courses we play in Europe most of the time.

Q. Is it the golf course playing as firm as it has in previous years you've been here?
MARK BROWN: I've seen it firmer. And I think it will probably get firmer as the week goes on. So I think that will perhaps make it play a little more difficult. I think you've seen quite a few low scores today. So I would think, and I would hope, that that's probably as soft as we'll get it.

Q. Talking about the course, a surprise --
MARK BROWN: I was surprised. And I'm not sure -- I didn't ask the reason and I'm not sure of the reason.

Q. Is the course soft in parts?
MARK BROWN: I don't remember picking any mud up during the practise days, but I know that in the mornings, I guess it can be a little bit soft. So that might have been the reason. But to be honest, I didn't ask.

Q. Does anything change in your approach for tomorrow?
MARK BROWN: No, not really. You know, I've got a good mate on the bag this week who teaches golf just over the border in Shenzhen, and I grew up with him at my home course in New Zealand. He sort of got me back to a few things that I used to do when I was young, swing-wise, and we just worked on a few of those things at the start of the week and seems to be working.
So I'll stick with those things, the kind of things that he used to see me do what I was playing well. Might go and hit a few balls and just try and get those changes back to where they should be.

Q. What's his name?
MARK BROWN: His name is Te Kuiti. He teaches in China there. He's a good mate of mine.

Q. You had a great year in 2008 with those two wins, but fell off a little bit; has that been due to just the way golf is or what was the reason for that?
MARK BROWN: You know, the standard is very good. And when you go to Europe, you find out how good the players are. I think there is probably a step up from playing the Asian Tour to playing in Europe.
And I think the standard, I perhaps wasn't as good as I thought I was, and sort of needed to work a lot harder to win, again. So it's been a bit of an eye-opener, but everyone's trying to win. Everyone's trying to get better. So that's been the goal. I've managed to keep my card this year. I thought after the way I played, a decent achievement.
So we'll move onto next year and try and win again.

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