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November 18, 2010

Gregory Bourdy


First Round 66 -4

Q. Good start to your defence?
GREGORY BOURDY: Yeah, good start. Yeah, I felt good. I did a very good start. That was important to start well. I made two birdies on the second and third hole. So it was good. My game was okay. I just missed a few shots at the end on the 14th, 15th. So, yeah, I missed maybe two strokes easily. But I finished well with a nice birdie on the 18th.

Q. Always satisfying to birdie 18, isn't it?
GREGORY BOURDY: Yeah, but I can forget a little bit the rest that I missed.

Q. Did you look and see the leaderboards this morning and think, okay, I have to score low today?
GREGORY BOURDY: Yeah, of course. I think that the leaderboard, of course, McIlroy and McDowell played well. So we know with them, they are going to play well the rest of the week, I think -- we don't know how many but they are going to be there.
But I know if as last year, if I play my game and if I play well, between 15 and 20, I have a chance to win. They are minus seven, minus four, so it's not very far.

Q. Does it give you extra satisfaction to know that these guys, it top-ranked in the world, and you can compete against them easily, no problem, and you're not intimidated and worried about other guys and just play your game?
GREGORY BOURDY: Especially here because I won last year in front of Rory. I'm confident on this course here in Hong Kong.
So, yeah, I think of course it's always difficult against guys like them.

Q. Are you more recognized this year with the crowd?
GREGORY BOURDY: A little bit. But it's still okay. I don't think it's like Tiger Woods yet.

Q. The French Tiger?

Q. One day?
GREGORY BOURDY: In many years, I don't know, in my dreams (laughing).

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