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November 14, 2010

Johnson Wagner


Q. All right, Johnson. You know how big this week was for you. Let's start with the sense of accomplishment. Outside 150, projected now at 126.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah. I knew a solo third -- a three-way third was probably the bare -- the max of where I could finish to get in, and it looks like that's where I'm at.
You know, there's Spencer Levin is out there. I know if he makes a bogey, it probably puts me in. I would never wish ill on anybody, but I wouldn't be sad if he made a bogey.
But you know, I played great all week. I made a bad double today on 16, but I put myself in position and played pretty good.

Q. Let's go back to 16. After 16 and the double, as far as just pulling up your boot straps and finishing the way that you did, you looked at that board on 18, what were you trying to process?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Well, I was trying to make the birdie putt, but I didn't want to three-putt, which I darn near did. Left myself probably the most nerve-wracking putt of my life.
I had about the same length putt to win in Houston, but I had two-putts to do it, and I made it. That's the only other time I could feel my hands and whole body shaking as much as it was right there. And I'm just very happy it went in the hole. That's for sure.

Q. You just mentioned Houston. You've accomplished winning. Give me an assessment of what this accomplishment feels like.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I mean it feels good. I wouldn't say there's more pressure on me today. I was way out. I knew I needed to play good. Just kept trying to make birdies, trying to hole sand wedges for eagle.
I don't know. I was just trying to play aggressive. I knew I needed to get as high up as I could, and hopefully it happened.

Q. You told me yesterday depending on what happens you might be able to be in Charlotte for the ACC Championship game. Looks like you're going.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I don't know.

Q. Well, not yet. But you have a shot.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I have a chance to go. Good thing I have a tournament back home. It's called Turkey Day at Quail Hollow. It's a big event that Brendon de Jonge and I and a couple other amateurs from Quail Hollow in Charlotte are defending. And that's Thursday, which thankfully I played my way out of Second Stage, so I gotta go defend my title at home next Thursday.

Q. Well, good week.

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