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November 12, 2010

Stacy Lewis


THE MODERATOR: Stacy, welcome back. Talk a little about the day.
STACY LEWIS: It was really good. Played solid all day, a little frustrating the way I finished, but I hit 15 greens and gave myself a lot of chances and I can't be too upset.

Q. Playing in the leader's group is always a pressure-filled situation, how did you handle the pressure?
STACY LEWIS: I thought I handled it really well today. I think a goal for all of us is to be in the last group since we have put ourselves in position, and I think the more I can get there, the more comfortable I'll be. But I felt really good with it today.

Q. This is probably a golf course that's designed in a way in which you're probably not used to. What do you do to be able to face this course?
STACY LEWIS: I think this golf course is really hard. I think you have to hit a lot of good golf shots and hit to certain spots on the greens versus firing at the flags the whole time.
I've done pretty well with that, but you've got to hit the fairway and you've got to hit a lot of greens to be successful.

Q. The fans here are different -- how do you handle that, something you are not used to?
STACY LEWIS: I think that they are just more enthusiastic and more vocal about it. And I know I enjoy it. I like it. I like -- it gets kind of boring on the golf course when it's quiet all the time. It's fun to have all of the fans out yelling and screaming. I enjoy it.

Q. The food here is different, mole, tequila; this is probably your first trip to México, but how do you handle the food part of travelling?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I've been to México a couple of times and it's really no different when we travel other places in the world. It's always different and we are always trying things, but you have to be a little careful of what you do, what you eat, what you drink.
I don't know, I like to go out and try different things each place we go.

Q. You have two rounds to go. What's going to be your strategy, two shots behind? Your strategy for the next two rounds.
STACY LEWIS: I guess I'm closer than I was today. Today I was three back; so I'm only two back.
But I think you have to go out there and keep making birdies and keep hitting fairways and greens. I think playing with Cristie today, I kind of saw how this golf course can jump up and bite you a little bit. So you have to play a little bit conservative, but also when you get opportunities, go make some birdies.

Q. Speaking a little bit about Lorena, it's unfortunate she has been unable to play as well in her own tournament. Do you think this has to do with having an inexperienced caddie like we saw yesterday, was handing her the wrong clubs? Even today on the course, we saw her asking Sophia's caddie for tips and for advice. How do you think this plays into it? And also, can you talk a little bit about the tournament, because it seems like it's going to be a photo finish on Sunday.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I think a good caddie can always save you a shot or two here and there. But for the most part, I'm pretty sure Lorena knows how to get a number or a type of club. She wouldn't have gotten as far as she has if she didn't know how to do that. I think it's a special week and she's trying to enjoy it. The golf, the score, is kind of secondary I think.
But the tournament, the ending, it's going to be close all week. It's going to be a nail-biter and just have to hang in there until Sunday and just see what happens coming down the stretch.

Q. What do you find most difficult of this course today compared to yesterday?
STACY LEWIS: I think the main difference is the wind was a little bit different today. It kind of started to pick up a little bit towards the ends, but in the trees it swirled. It's hard to pick a club and control the distance. I think that was probably the biggest change from yesterday.

Q. Paula and Suzann have a name, have done things, and you're kind of coming in from behind. Do you think that helps with the pressure and maybe you don't feel as much pressure as they would?
STACY LEWIS: I didn't really feel like I was that different today, even until I stepped up on the first tee and announced that -- I think like the No. 34 four players in the world and they had won seven times this year. So I didn't really -- until then, I felt okay with it.
But I don't know, I like being the underdog. I like not having the spotlight on me because people don't expect me to win. I like that position and I'll ride it all the way to the end.

Q. Do you think Lorena's caddie gave her the wrong club on purpose, or was it an accident?
STACY LEWIS: I'm sure it was not on purpose. Come on. (Laughing).

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