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November 12, 2010

Chris Stroud


Q. Chris, talk about your round. Pretty good playing.
CHRIS STROUD: Well, it really wasn't. It was pretty ugly altogether. I just finished strong. I had three great birdies on 16, 17 and 18. Any time you finish birdie, birdie, birdie on this golf course, the Magnolia, you're really happy.
You know, I just -- I struggled off the tee today, could not get the ball in the fairway, just trying to get the ball on the green because I'm putting so well, and I just hung in there, got myself on the fairway the last three holes and got it on the green and made three great putts.

Q. How about the celebration on 18?
CHRIS STROUD: It was awesome. I hit such a good putt.

Q. Looked like it was in you for a while.
CHRIS STROUD: I really wanted to get into it, but I was about to rip the green up, so I was like, I better slow down. I guess if I'd have been the last group, I wouldn't have cared.
I was just pumped. I hit such a good putt; it was going right in the middle, and it held its line and went right in the middle, so I was really happy about that one.

Q. You're in position after two rounds. 36 to go.
CHRIS STROUD: That's right. In position is key. All we want out here is a chance to win on Sunday, and if I'm five shots in the lead on Sunday or if I'm five back, I just want a chance. So I'm going to keep doing the things I'm doing. I feel very calm out there. Just hopefully I need to hit it a little bit better on the weekend.
Today was tough. I really struggled with the ball striking there. Maybe because I had to get up so early. I'm not sure. So tomorrow, just get the swing grooved in a little bit better and just get it going on the weekend.

Q. Can you talk about being 119th on the Money List? Does it free you up? I mean you're obviously safe for your card.
CHRIS STROUD: I am now. To be honest, in my position I was still quite a bit nervous coming into this week. I told my wife, I said, I'm still playing like I'm 135 on the Money List.
And you never know. I think one time this year I played Turning Stone, which was the second event, and I missed the cut by one or two shots, and I dropped seven spots, and I said I'm not going to let that happen this week. I just stayed positive, and I said, you know what, I'm going to go see if I can win this thing.
Like Tiger and all the great players out here, everybody says the same thing: You never show up to a tournament unless you're trying to win.
Obviously there's a lot on the line for me, but when I tee it up, my focus is try to win the golf tournament, give yourself the best chance you can. And today was the day I could have really let it go, and I just hung in there, hung in there, hung in there and finished really, really well. And 2-under today with the way I hit it, I'm really happy about it.

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