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November 11, 2010

Cristie Kerr


THE MODERATOR: Cristie, you shot an 8-under today, can you talk about your day?
CRISTIE KERR: Felt really good out there. I was there every shot. You know, even though I three-putted 17, that hole was playing tough today. But I really didn't do anything wrong. I want to do the small things well and take it day by day. And I won today for myself, and I'll go out there tomorrow with the same amount of confidence.

Q. Yesterday, I was told that this tournament would be very important to define the three main races on the LPGA this year. Do you think this will be a good first step toward that?
CRISTIE KERR: Absolutely. This tournament is definitely key. We have 35, 36 of the best players in the world here, and everybody's playing well. So for me to try and accomplish the goals that I have of Player of the Year and so on, I have to keep doing what I did today.

Q. What was the shot that worked best for you today? The one that you did the best?
CRISTIE KERR: I think when you're shooting 8 or 9 under, pretty much everything is working well. I drove the ball really well off the tee today, and that kind of set up having good yardages into the greens. And I hit the ball fairly close to the hole today, and I putted really well.

Q. With this result that you have today, and the result that Michelle Wie had to today, do you feel you can take this tournament?
CRISTIE KERR: I think that I'm in competition with myself first and foremost, because when I play well for myself and do all of those little things well, then the results take care of themselves.
You know, Michelle Wie's one of my best friends. Her back was really hurting her out there today, and she could barely finish her swing and was walking through shots.
I think that I wish her well. She's going to go home and get recuperated. I think she withdrew didn't she or did she not? I'm not sure whether she did or not.
I'm going to just continue to play the way I did today the next three days, and then if I do that, then everything else will take care of itself.

Q. You played very aggressively. What is your strategy for the tournament?
CRISTIE KERR: When you're swinging well, you have good confidence and a lot of good yardages into the hole today. So I had good control of my ball, and if I have good control of my ball then I can still be aggressive.
So every day's different. You have to -- hopefully I'll be able to be as aggressive the next two days.

Q. Ever since Lorena retired in April, there has only been a number one player for about four months. So what do you attribute that to? Secondly a tournament that is slowly gaining more prestige and more important, And there are probably six players that can change their position in the ranking and things like that with this today. Can you please talk a little more about that as well?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, there have been about five players, six players that have been very consistent this year. Like even if Lorena was playing full-time she might have been number one for a period of time, but somebody else might have overtaken her as well because there are so many players that are playing well now.
To be number one for any period of time you have to win seven or eight tournaments a year, and that hasn't happened this year. So I think that's why we're seeing the changing so often because you have to win more than four or five or six tournaments to be number one for a length of time with the way the ranking system works.

Q. Being someone that travels around the world playing golf, can you tell us what people around the world think about this tournament? For us it's like a jewel and things we brag about. Can you tell us what the players and people around the world think about this tournament?
CRISTIE KERR: Well, sure, I know that not only myself, but all the players playing in this tournament, we play all year long to be able to make it into this tournament.
It's run very well. It's a very good location, very good golf course, everything is great. The purse is amazing, so this is one of the best tournaments we have on tour. The small field make it's more intimate for people to see us play and to interact with the fans.
So this tournament is definitely gaining headway to being one of the most prestigious on our tour.

Q. Coming back to golf a bit, can you talk about the pin positions, the weather, the crowds compared to other years and how this has helped you today with your round?
CRISTIE KERR: It's been similar to this, so the weather is really not a factor. It's perfect playing conditions. The course is in great shape. The pin positions are difficult, but accessible if you're playing well. The crowds are always great here, it's a great tournament.

Q. You nearly broke the club record today. I think the club record is 10 under. Do you think you could beat the score that you had today?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I would go with the tournament record, yes. So I broke the tournament record. The record, whoever has 10 under, deserves it.

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