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November 11, 2010

Jeff Quinney


Q. Jeff, on a week you need a couple of good rounds, a good Thursday, good start at Palm.
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah. It was one of those days we had a little fog delay, so you're kind of out of your rhythm. So we had a two-hour warmup.
But it's an important week for me. I'm just trying to stay relaxed and in the present.
Billy kind of got off to a good start, had some momentum, kind of fed off that. A little wind kind of came in late, so the holes coming in were kind of tough. I made a long birdie putt and a couple of good saves, and 5-under I'm happy with.

Q. How good can that be to get to play with a guy that's a buddy of yours? You share an alma mater and all of that. It's one of the rare -- the only tournament I know where you get to pick your partners a little bit. That's gotta help a little bit, doesn't it?
JEFF QUINNEY: Yeah. I think it helps when you have a similar game. I think two years ago I played with Garrigus here, and you can't club or do anything else.
So you know, we're similar distance off the tee. Par 3s you can kind of look and see what they're hitting and kind of gauge off that and obviously have some things in common to talk about and talk about Sun Devil football and other sports. So we had a good time, hopefully just kind of build on this.

Q. Do you catch any flack -- because you're an Oregon guy who went to ASU. Do you catch any flack from all your Duck folks?
JEFF QUINNEY: Oh, yeah. I'm a huge Duck fan as well. Obviously I'm on that bandwagon right now. They got three more games to go, and hopefully the national championship we'll at least be playing for the title game.

Q. Have you got a little green and yellow that you might pull out on Sunday if it's necessary?
JEFF QUINNEY: I really don't have any green in my wardrobe. I need to talk about Straight Down Clothing to get me some more colors.
But you know, it's fun to watch. You know, offensively they're amazing, and I'm a little worried, and every first half they come back and second half they just turn on the jets, and hopefully they can do it this year.

Q. Well, you did that on the Palm Course. Good luck on the Magnolia tomorrow.
JEFF QUINNEY: Appreciate it. Thanks, man.

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