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November 10, 2010

Cristie Kerr


MIKE SCANLAN: Just talk about being back here at Lorena's event, obviously she's no longer active, probably good to see her again and obviously a great event on four tour.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, it's funny especially with her winning the 1.3 million dollar thing in China; I think she's practicing more than she ever has, and she's retired now.
But the Tour definitely misses her and it's good to see her, you know, playing this week. It's her tournament. I think it's great that she's playing. Obviously she qualified on her own, regardless of retiring back in April or whenever she did. So it's great to be back here. It's a great venue and a great tournament.

Q. Just talk about the state of your game this week, two events left on our schedule, making the push toward the end and trying to finish the season at No. 1.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, to are sure, just like I told Beth Ann Baldry out there, I'm trying to take these last eight rounds and do the best I can with each round, taking each day as a separate competition almost, and trying to do the little things to the best of my ability and then everything should pile up in the right direction.
You know, it would be great to get a win these last two weeks, or you know, even both. My wins have come in chunks this year. So, who knows. So just going to try to do the small things well.
MIKE SCANLAN: Talk about the Vare Trophy race. You are right behind Na Yeon Choi, and a couple good rounds here would help.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, for sure. I don't know if her score average lowered from last week in Japan or not. Seemed like everybody was the shoeing lights's scores there. Maybe I should have gone.
Yeah, it's close, that's points towards the Hall of Fame and a lot of meaning there, as well. So like I said taking each round of the next eight and trying to do the best that I can with all of them.
MIKE SCANLAN: We talk about this every week, but the Rolex rankings, No. 1, shuffled again last week, there's two more chances to get up there. I assume you're still thinking about it.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I am. And I think that I'm going to -- it's great to end the year No. 1, but I think my sights right now are on Player of the Year. That's a great honor and another point towards the Hall of Fame.
That's a little bit more where my focus is. But it would be great to be No. 1 in the rankings, but you have to -- a lot of things have to happen. I would have to obviously win one of the next two and the players that are also up there cannot finish in the top three.
So there's a lot at play there but I'm just trying to get as many points as I can for Player of the Year.

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