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November 9, 2010

Aaron Baddeley


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. We welcome Aaron Baddeley into the media center this morning. Aaron, thanks for joining us. You came an awfully long way to get here for the Children's Miracle Network Classic. You're 110th on the PGA TOUR Money List. Maybe some opening comments about being in Orlando for this event.
AARON BADDELEY: I guess the main purpose of coming here was to move up on the Money List, try and get in the Top 70 and/or try and finish with a win. That would make 2011 a lot easier in the sense of being in all the Invitationals, and obviously winning would help a lot.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. We know you also have a shot at the Kodak Challenge there, so that probably factored in a little bit, too.
AARON BADDELEY: I would say the majority, the main concern was really to try and move up on the Money List because, yeah, because I had committed to the Aussie Masters and was planning on playing there. And it wasn't till about Sunday or Monday of last week that I made the decision to come here, because I really felt to go down there, and like I said, I think for my career the best choice was to come here and get inside the Top 70 and try to have a win.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Can you maybe give us an idea of your travel schedule getting from China to here and when you arrived?
AARON BADDELEY: Oh, no, I didn't play China.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Oh, you didn't?
AARON BADDELEY: No. I was in Scottsdale. I went from Phoenix to Orlando. (Laughs).

Q. Four hours, not so bad.
AARON BADDELEY: That wasn't too bad.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Maybe talk about the course. You've been out and had practice time?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. Played The Palm today. Course was fantastic. It's in really, really good condition. So I'm really excited for the week. I felt my game is good.
I had an outside chance to win Vegas there, and just really excited about getting out there and playing this week.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. We'll go to questions.

Q. What would it take for you to get to 70 on the Money List?
AARON BADDELEY: I think we figured out maybe around third, third or higher, I guess. Yeah.

Q. And also, can you just kind of address a little bit, it seems like this fall, I don't know, more than others, seems like there's been a lot of situations where somebody has come from off the pace or been on the bubble for this or that and been able to secure, well, some security for next year by winning or finishing high. Is that happening more often this year perhaps than we've seen at the end of other years?
AARON BADDELEY: I think it's happened every fall, to be honest, looking at it. I'm not sure.
You guys probably have some stats. But I think about a few guys that have won, like Troy Matteson last year at the Frys. I mean he was going to lose his card and ended up winning. So I think it's happened a few times. I think guys just figure out that it's time to shoot a good score, and who cares what it looks like, just get it done.

Q. What's the feeling like in the clubhouse and out there on the course, with so many of the other guys closer to the bubble there on the Money List? It's like some people are here with their families and trying to have fun and move up and other people are not.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. I guess, especially the last couple weeks it's always -- guys get a little more serious. Guy have their swing coaches out or they have their psychologist out, really trying to do whatever they can to try and keep their cards for next year.

Q. As somebody who's not really too in jeopardy, do you almost kind of laugh at some of the guys maybe over-swinging out there or things like that?
AARON BADDELEY: You don't laugh at them because you could be in that position. But it's just -- I know the last couple weeks like I had to play well just to make sure I was secure as well.
To me I just try to go out and play as opposed to just trying to figure out what I needed to do. Just more go play and play well and I'll be fine. So that's what I try to do.

Q. Have you played here in the past at all in this event?

Q. So it's been a while?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. It's been a while. Last few years this has been opposite the Aussie Masters. So I've always been down there and played there.

Q. Do you even remember what the 17th hole here looks like exactly?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, dogleg-left. But I heard they put a new tee or something like that back, miles back.

Q. Yeah, it can play like anywhere from 270 from the front tee to about 460 from the one across the water.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. I've heard stories that they'll move it up to make it drivable. So I'm not sure. Yeah.

Q. It sort of adds a little element of spice to your week, doesn't it, for you and Rickie and Troy that are all here basically with -- I mean even to you a million bucks is a big chunk of change.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. It is a big chunk of change. It is definitely, for sure. Definitely adds some spice to it for sure.
I know like the last couple weeks, like in Vegas, like I knew making that putt would tie the lead. So I was pretty excited. And then Troy made eagle as well, so obviously he got in front by a shot.

Q. The venue for the JBWere Masters, Aussie Masters this week in Victoria, what do you recall of that particular golf course and what are the chances, do you think, of how the golf course fits Tiger's -- how Tiger plays?
AARON BADDELEY: I think it's going to be good because he won't -- it's a position golf course. It's not too long. The greens are normally quick.
In the '02 Aussie Open it was a day like today, and they canceled play because the greens were too fast. That was crazy that day.
But no, position golf course, gotta think your way around it. It's one of my favorites down there in Melbourne. So I think he'll do well in it. I think Tiger always does well when you are -- you really need to think about what you need to do instead of just blasting away.

Q. Just one more. We saw the arrival of Jason Day this year and Michael obviously was hurt a little bit during the season. He didn't perform the full season. But are we expecting any more young, upcoming players that we don't know from Australia that you know of?
AARON BADDELEY: None that I can think of right now exactly. None I can think of right now. I can't think of any right now.

Q. (Indiscernible).
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. I got my event. I'll go to my event in China, the world event in China this year. So I'll be able to scout the guys down there and see how they are.
There's some good players, but I can't think of any off the top of my head coming through like as good as Jason Day or Michael Sim right now.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. It Whisper Rock in Desert Forest.

Q. Obviously you need to take care of what you need to take care of for your future, but has there been any backlash from pulling out of the Aussie Masters this week?
AARON BADDELEY: No. There hasn't been, no, just because like I said, the determining factor wasn't -- it was about coming here to move into the Top 70 and to win a golf tournament. That was the main reason why I came, to come here.

Q. Do your countrymen understand that when you make those type of decisions?
AARON BADDELEY: They did, yeah. Absolutely they understood, and they're very understanding; and the tournament was very understanding, which was great.
So yeah, like I said, that was a factor was coming here to try and win. That's the best thing for my career at this point in time.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. Yeah. So I'm not sure, but yeah. I mean I'm definitely missing playing that golf course. It's awesome in Victoria.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else for Aaron? Aaron, good luck this week. Thanks for joining us.

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