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November 7, 2010

Richie Ramsay


Fourth Round 71 (-9) 279Total.

RICHIE RAMSAY: I started off again -- I started off a little bit nervy to be honest, and then I played some good golf towards the last few holes on the front nine and that settled me down. And also, again, playing with Ernie, that putt on 9, after hitting a really good chip, he's like, "Knock it in, Rich." That settled me down a bit.
To be honest, I played lovely but the only blip, I 3-putted 17, but again, I played 18 fantastic. I hit a great shot in for my third and it's pitched on the bank. If it grabs an ounce of spin, it's stiff, and it actually bounced forward. If you don't pitch it inside the flag just five yards past, it's just rock solid.

Q. With Francesco and Lee fighting for first, and a few shots between you and third place, sort of a matter of trying to seal third spot?
RICHIE RAMSAY: It was all about just doing the best that I can do. And I think today, starting off, I didn't play that great, and then I felt a lot more comfortable the longer and longer I went on.
And also, I know Ross Fisher as well, and playing with Ernie yesterday -- I got in, after making birdie on 10, I started hitting some really good shots and I was just like, you know, some birdies out here, you look at the back nine and I knew there was some chances.
And I just played really nicely all week. There's definitely more in there. There's a couple -- I didn't really hole anything from any kind of length. I just holed out really well from about five or six feet. So there's definitely more in the tank there.
But 19-under, I don't think -- unless you're here, you appreciate how hard that is. The greens, they are not far off U.S. Open greens, and the speed and the slope is really tough. So if you miss it in the wrong place; but I think that played into my hands a bit, because playing links golf -- definitely that's a Friday afternoon at Golf Club of Georgia greens where they trim them down and you're just standing there and the ball is trickling and trickling.
The goal at the start of the season was to make The Race to Dubai. I've surpassed that. And I don't need to worry about anything. I spoke to my girlfriend last night on the phone and she was awful tired, because she's --

Q. She give you a score to shoot?
RICHIE RAMSAY: No. She kind of politely said, "Try and make as much as you can." (Laughter) She does have two jobs and she works really hard and support my golf.

Q. What's her name?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Angela Hudinski. Hopefully she'll be able to come to Dubai as a little treat and just a thank-you for all of the support she's kind of given me.
All in all, it was a fantastic week; and pitch up in Singapore, no pressure, go ahead and play.

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