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November 6, 2010

Corrado Barazzutti

Flavia Pennetta


F. PENNETTA/B. Mattek-Sands
7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about how you're feeling, the position you're in, how both girls played today?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: I feel very tired, but very happy because I think is very good day today.
I'm very happy because they play with heart, and they won two important match. So we are 2-Love. But is not finished the match. We have to play tomorrow still.
We are very happy for today, very satisfied. But now we have to stay focused for tomorrow. We want really to try to bring back the Cup. But has to stay there; is not finished.

Q. Flavia, at times it seemed you weren't happy with your level but you managed to fight through the match. Can you talk about how you were feeling and playing?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I was feeling during the match?

Q. You were not happy with your play, but you were still fighting hard.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Sometimes it's not easy to play your best tennis. But when you play for your country, when you have a lot of people outside screaming and cheering for you, it's easy to try to fight until last point.
So I'm really happy today because was not easy. I think I didn't play my best tennis, but I was running and running and fight and try to do my best all the time.
I'm just tired now. My face is just because I'm tired (laughter).

Q. Flavia, can you talk about the first set, having a commanding lead, and she was able to fight back.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Well, you know, I think I starting really good in the beginning. I was playing more aggressive. In 5-1, I just starting to think too much: Maybe I got this set. Maybe I have a good chance to take this point home.
I starting to be really tense. Was not easy to play, to still be aggressive. She starting to play really aggressive because she don't have nothing to lose in that case. She was 5 down. She start playing really aggressive, push all the ball.
Of course, to win that set was very important for me because to be like 5-1 and then one set down is not easy then to stay in the court and fight. But I was ready to do that also.

Q. Flavia, Francesca gave your team the perfect start. Did you feel much pressure having to follow suit, to keep that momentum going?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: No. I think it's worse when you are 1-0 down. To go on the court like this, is nothing to lose. You know, anyway in the first round we played this year, was the same thing for us. We started to be 1-Love up, then 1-All, then we just win 3-1. So sometimes can happen.
But Francesca, I think she's playing really good right now. She's really confidence. I'm really happy to be with her in this situation.

Q. Do you expect to see a change in the lineup for the U.S. tomorrow? Do you think you'll see Melanie in singles?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Well, I don't know. I really don't know. I saw today Mattek with maybe some problem, injury problem. I don't know what exactly. But I don't know what is gonna happen tomorrow. Maybe you have to make this question to Mary Joe Fernandez. I don't know.
But we are more worried to think to ourself and try to stay focused and play against who tomorrow we find on the court.

Q. There's still more tennis to play tomorrow. It's not over. But match after match, tie after tie, year after year, the Italians do so well in Fed Cup. What is the reason?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Well, I think the reason - I talk as captain - and I can tell you the reason is I have a great player. That is the reason, that is the secret of this team. They are very, very good. They are a strong player in the single tournament. They are great player in the Fed Cup. They are the best player in the world.
We are three player very, very good in doubles. So is a perfect for captain with a team like that. That is the reason. They are very, very strong. But they show in this last five years that they are very, very strong.

Q. Does your experience come into play, give you extra confidence?

Q. The experience of the team in Fed Cup.
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: You mean the experience last year?
The experience is important, for sure. I think it's more important to have a strong player. Do you want to respond?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I am agree, we are very good (laughter).

Q. Could you sense that Bethanie was favoring her calf a little bit and she was hurting some near the end of the match?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Yes, I saw that.

Q. Did you try to move her around to take advantage of that?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Well, when I saw her like this, I starting to make two double-faults and I was more tight. But since then I starting to play still aggressive, try to move her a little bit more. Was working much better.

Q. Could you both talk about Francesca a little bit and how she has evolved over a player the last two years to be successful at Roland Garros and in Fed Cup?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Francesca, I think she play so well because she have possibility to play well. She is good. She was good before. She's good now. But maybe this year she find a balance and she play the best tennis in the career.
I don't know really what's happen. I think the confidence, maybe she find more confidence. It's not that she can play good now, you know, she know.

Q. Flavia?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I agree (laughter).
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: That's why I'm the captain is because she agree.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: No, you know, after the win like in Roland Garros, you starting to be really -- she have a lot of confidence. Now she believe a lot in herself. She always believe in herself, but after that you starting to believe more and more. You know you have the possibility, the power, the tennis to be there. That's why when you saw her on the court now, she look like really confident in everything.
So it's really nice to see her now in the court.

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