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November 6, 2010

Russ Cochran


RUSS COCHRAN: I was putting a little bit better today, but hit too many bad shots, too many bogeys. I buried one in the bunker on 2 and made a great bogey. I shanked one on 17 and took a drop and made a great bogey there.
So all in all I guess I should be pretty happy with 3-under. I had some chances, had a chance to get it really kind of rolling, and seemed like I undermined myself every time I had those chances.

Q. You have 10 right now?
RUSS COCHRAN: 10-under par.

Q. You still -- I think right now you're within four of the lead.

Q. What about looking ahead to tomorrow?
RUSS COCHRAN: You know, I would be excited if I was really, really playing -- felt like I was hitting it well and rolling it well, but you know, I'm kind of doing one or the other, it seems like.
First couple days I hit it pretty well and didn't really roll it. So I'd say that many shots back, I mean this tournament is kind of one of those events that you step up and try to get it going, and you know, small field, anything can happen.
Obviously Michael gave us all a little inspiration about shooting a low one, so maybe I can get on the train he was on today.

Q. Weather is going to be -- I know it's supposed to start raining early morning and then continue through noon and stuff. How much of a difference is that going to make, if any?
RUSS COCHRAN: Well, you know, if it's cold and raining, which I heard it's going to be, that's tough on me and tough on a lot of these guys. But you know, it's just part of it. We know it's coming, so we'll be as prepared as we can be.
It also depends on how they set the golf course up, too. Since they know it's coming, it'll probably be a good fair test, and we'll just do the best we can.

Q. Okay. Great. Thank you, Russ.

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