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November 5, 2010

Russ Cochran


Q. Russ, just talk about your round today. Obviously you had a nice finish there to get right up there in contention. Just sort of take us through today.
RUSS COCHRAN: You know, I played a fairly solid round. I thought today was tricky because the sun would pop out and the ball would go a little further. The marine layer would come in. All of a sudden where you were hitting a 7-iron you're hitting a hard 6 now. And it jumped back and forth.
And also the light factor. When it started getting kind of hazy out, a little darker and stuff, I started having a little trouble on the green. Had three three-putts today, and that's not like me. And had a chance to do some pretty good things out there and didn't quite do it with the putter, but made some good putts, good putt on the last hole and just kind of fought off a real tricky day, I thought.

Q. Obviously you've had a wonderful year. Would like to finish it off with a victory here, obviously. Just some maybe your thoughts of Harding Park and how this sets up for the season-ending event.
RUSS COCHRAN: You know, Harding Park fits my eye really well. I'm a little bit worn down as far as I'm concerned trying to win. I'm going to do the best I can. I hope it's enough. I never quite know about that, but the Harding Park venue is fantastic. It's a wonderful place, wonderful city.
I love the golf here, and the golf course, doesn't hurt that there's a few dogleg right-to-left that fit me. So I'm looking forward now that the TOUR is handling some things here, I'm looking forward to seeing what this golf course is going to be in the future, and I think everyone's just really looking forward to the future.

Q. Okay. Thanks.

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