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November 5, 2010

John Cook


THE MODERATOR: Like 2-under, 69 today with an eagle at number 16. Good way to finish.
JOHN COOK: Yeah. Not much at the tell you really. First about two-and-a-half hours of the day really was unexciting. Didn't really do a whole lot. Both Tom and I played decently. Just hit some nice shots but didn't take advantage of much.
He birdied the par-5s on the front. I had one good par save at 5, about a 10-footer. Other than that, I had putts every hole just about, for birdies. And then 9 kind of was I had a pretty good second shot, but somehow I got in a nasty spot in the bunker. I don't quite know how it got there, but my feet were out of the bunker and the ball was about two feet below me in the sand. And I hit a good shot out about five feet and lipped it out, which was unfortunate.
But misjudged the shot at 10, and you know, just wasn't much going on until I made a bogey at 13, and I think that kind of lit a little fire in me because then I birdied 14. I hit a nice drive and a 5-iron in there about six feet right of the hole. So it was nice to come back after a bogey on 13 to make birdie.
And then 16 was just one of those things. I couldn't get 3-wood there and I knew driver might be a little too much, but I hit driver and it landed perfectly and just dead. It landed just short of the green, and just killed it, and it just rolled up right by the hole and two feet, and you know, somehow the ball ended up there. It was a good shot, but it was a better result probably.
And then made that. And then hit a good shot at 18 and just didn't take advantage of that, but tell you the truth, I think I probably hit some better shots today. I think I drove the ball better today. I hit some nice iron shots. I got trapped in between clubs a number of times.
It seemed like the par-3s were just in between one club or the other, and I hit a couple nice kind of little shots instead of trying to press something. So it really wasn't much of a day, except for No. 16 was a highlight. The rest of it was nothing. It was a nothing day. I hit a lot of greens. I had a lot of two-putts.
And then I finished strong.

Q. On 13, your bogey, what happened?
JOHN COOK: Yeah. I actually had one of those, you know, in the middle of my down swing, you know, car honk and fore and that whole thing, and I hit it in the left rough. And then just kind of squibbed one. I had to go under the trees and squibbed one up to the right, and I had a horrible lie into the rough and didn't hit a have good pitch, about 15 feet and missed it. Actually hit a good putt and lipped it out. But I came back strong, hit a nice drive on the next hole and hit a good 5-iron.
From then, kind of maybe -- it lit a little fire in me on 13. But I hit some nice shots today, I really did, to not get a whole lot out of it.

Q. John, today, was it more about patience than anything else because as you were making all your pars with good shots in and missing birdies, a couple of cars went past you?
JOHN COOK: Yeah, it was. It was a patient day. And we knew that. It was hard to -- yesterday everything kind of fell into place. I took advantage of some nice opportunities yesterday.
Today didn't start out that way. I hit two good shots at No. 1 and just missed about a 10-footer for birdie, and I said, okay, this is going to be a pretty decent day, and I just kept kind of hitting those shots and didn't get much out of it. So yeah, it was all about patience today definitely. Some days are going to be like that.
We've played this game professionally now for 30 some years, and you're going to have days like that. That's what they say.

Q. This might be a dumb question, but have you ever had an ace on par-4 even in casual play?
JOHN COOK: No, I haven't. That was pretty close. I almost had one this year somehow at the PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP in Potomac. And I was playing awful. I was -- this was on Sunday, and I was off the back side, and it was -- I was just playing horrible. It was an awful, awful week. And I hit a shot like that that kind of lipped out and went up and I came back about the same distance.
But other than that, no, I've had one double eagle, you know, in competition, a couple others just messing around, but never one on a par-4.
It's nice to have those opportunities. I mean what's wrong with having a drivable par-4. Tom Weiskopf builds drivable par-4s in every golf course that he designs, so it's kind of fun.

Q. You said you lipped it out. Finished about 15 feet away.
JOHN COOK: Yeah. Tom Pernice hit one right at it. It was right at it. It must have missed the flag stick by just a millimeter, but it hit and rolled to the back of the green and he was dead. So unfortunately for him he hit a really good shot and didn't get rewarded for it.

Q. Did you hit driver there?
JOHN COOK: I did. I was in between. Might have been able to smash a 3-wood, but it just was cool and damp and it just didn't feel right.

Q. It was a harder scoring day, but after being 7-under yesterday are you a little surprised that your 2-under today puts you still in the leader position?
JOHN COOK: Not really. I thought maybe someone might get to double figures, but this golf course is not easy, and it replied tough today I thought. There were some good scores, but not a ton. There were some real good pins. Like I said, I think a lot of us got trapped in between clubs. It just seemed like it was never a six or a five. It was always in between. It went a seven or an eight. At least I did. I was trapped all day, except for the very first hole. After that it just seemed like, you know, the other club was too much of a press, and I didn't -- so like you said, it was a patient day. I had to check my ego and just go with what was the right thing to do.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you, John.
JOHN COOK: All right. Thanks, everybody.

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