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November 5, 2010

Tom Kite


TOM KITE: You know, it was a little -- just kept hitting some pretty good shots that either went a little too far or a little too short and didn't quite get the right distance on them and consequently didn't post a very good score on the front nine or didn't post a great score on the front nine. 1-under is not bad.
But you know, all the fireworks really started happening at the end of the round. And the way they got the golf course set up today with 16, they moved the tee up, so it's a drivable par-4, with the pin right at the front. Actually hit a tee shot that they said lipped the cup and went about 15 feet past.
So I'm sure there were some eagles, and quite a few birdies there, so that was a pretty exciting hole, and a great opportunity to pick up some ground on some people.
But it was a good solid round. I played better today, I felt like today, than I did yesterday, so that's encouraging, even though the score is the same.
THE MODERATOR: Birdie start at No. 6.
TOM KITE: Yeah. Birdied No. 6. Actually hit a 6-iron there. Probably should have hit a little 5, came up about 25 feet short and made that putt to get everything going.
Bogeyed No. 8, the par-3. I was right in between 3 and 4-iron and I came off the 3-iron and put it in the right bunker and very poor bunker shot and bogeyed.
Then birdied No. 9, drove it just in the right rough and just drew a horrible lie, and all I could do was just kind of chunk it down and then I hit a good wedge in there about a foot and a half for birdie.
TOM KITE: Then birdied No. 13. I hit 6-iron about 15 feet left of the pin and made that. Birdied 16 and 17. 16, as I said, hit driver on the green about 15 feet and two-putted, and then hit 6-iron on No. 17 probably 15 feet right of the pin and made that.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Questions?

Q. Tom, what was the yardage on 16 today and did you hit a driver or 3-wood?
TOM KITE: Yeah. We had 250, and what I did is I just kind of gripped down on the driver, and you know, you, got that overhanging tree, and I thought I could hit 3-wood there, but I was thinking that it brings that tree into play and I could kind of squirt something underneath that tree with a driver. So I kind of hit a punch driver, if you will, so to speak, that chased in there low, landed short of the green and rolled up through there.
I would imagine some guys could -- there were probably some 3-woods hit there today. Most of the guys in the field were probably hitting driver if they went for it, I would think.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
TOM KITE: Yeah. I mean it's a little bit left-to-right into the wind, and I think we had 251 right to the hole.

Q. The weather got a little bit cooler. Did you notice much in your shots and club selection?
TOM KITE: Well, yeah. I mean we know, we've had such great weather the first part of the week and you kind of get used to the ball going a particular distance, and all of a sudden the real San Francisco is coming in. I guess the real San Francisco is coming in Sunday. But you know, the more typical weather, what we were expecting came in today, and the ball is just not quite going as far as we experienced the first part of the week.
You know, so that takes a little getting used to. And yet, they had a lot of pins -- it seemed like today they had a lot of pins right at the back of the green. They were either right at the front or right at the back. And you know, you catch those pins at the back, and you know you need to hit a particular club, but it's kind of hard to want to hit that club because over the green it's not really all that neat.
But so there was a little indecision out there. At least for me there was a little bit in a few of the clubbing situations, but I'm sure this is more of the weather that we'll be expecting the next couple days. November is a little late to be playing in San Francisco.

Q. Late to be playing anyplace, except maybe Florida.
TOM KITE: Anyplace. Yeah. You're exactly right. Anyplace outside of the South.

Q. Season end a little earlier next year?
TOM KITE: You know, they put the schedule in the locker room last night, but I really didn't have a chance to look at it. So I don't know.
You know, we're playing one week later this year than we did last year, and you know, we still have a number of off weeks.
I'm not quite sure why we're playing one week later. You'll have to ask Mike and the staff about what they're doing. Some of the scheduling -- I know scheduling is incredibly difficult, but sometimes you look at it and you kind of shake your head and think, what are they thinking about?
But it's very complicated when you've got three different tours that you're concerned with, plus the LPGA that you've got -- have to be cognizant of, and you just -- it's difficult to put that scheduling all together.

Q. Two weeks ago -- I mean this is -- had the Frys.com and the LPGA.

Q. They were basically about 75 miles away.
TOM KITE: We've got a major issue next year. Our tournament in Savannah is the same week as Hilton Head on the PGA TOUR. So that's kind of like, what are you guys thinking about? So anyway, I know scheduling is always difficult.
When I was on the board, I hated it when we were trying to figure stuff out, but November is a little late to be playing. When we have as many weeks off during the year as we do on the Champions Tour, seems like we oughta be able to finish the last week in October at the latest to me.
It looks like we're going to have a great week except we're going to finish one day late. It's the same 90 percent chance of rain on Sunday. So if we could finish on Saturday, it would be good.

Q. You also have to take into consideration the 49ers schedule. They're off this week, so it works out here. And then there are so many -- as you know, it's a tough deal.

Q. Tom, you said you actually lipped out on 16. Have you ever had an ace on a par-4 in casual play?
TOM KITE: No. I've never had a double eagle. I've never had a double eagle in all my career. Lots of eagles, just no doubles.

Q. Thanks.

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