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November 5, 2010

Richie Ramsay


Second Round 68 (-7) 137 Total.

Q. Great golf again, 4-under on day two?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, thanks. Obviously it was a lovely day today. The greens are running perfect out there. So I gave myself plenty of opportunities, hit a few close and limited the mistakes.
It's great to be here in China, enjoying my time, and carry on tomorrow the way I have the last two days.

Q. What was in particular good today?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Just steady. I've been steady all year, but I hit a few close, and I tapped in for a couple of birdies, which is nice.
Then I made sort of two mistakes. I missed two greens and got one of them up-and-down. So it was pretty steady all day, no mistakes. I just enjoyed it.
My attitude was really good on the course. Everybody out there is fantastic watching, and the marshals and the organisation of the tournament is great. Just enjoying the time and taking that kind of feeling-free attitude on the course.

Q. Sounds like you'll enjoy the weekend, as well?
RICHIE RAMSAY: If I can play the way I did the first two days, I'll be a happy man. We'll do our best the next two days and like I say, if I can play the way I did the first two days, then you know, there's a good score out there. I want to be on the back nine there on Sunday with a challenge coming to whoever is up there.

Q. The other players say it's quite a long course for guys.
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, there's not too much run out there on the fairways. It is playing quite long. The greens are firming up, as well, so you have to be really precise with your iron shots.
But I played a lot of long courses, so I'm used to -- I've got the new SuperFast Driver in the bag and it's going a little bit further off the tee which is helping us.
All in all, I just need to carry on the way I'm playing and hit a few wedges close like I did today.

Q. Can you reflect on day two, how good was that?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, I played great out there. Just steady like yesterday. Not doing anything flash. Not, you know, taking on shots that I shouldn't be. I think I only missed maybe two greens, and then I hit a couple close.
I stiffed one on -- it was the sixth hole. And then I had a couple of chances coming in actually and I missed a few from about six or seven feet, but I'm not letting that get to me.
I'm just out here enjoying myself. You look on the leaderboard and when you've got Woods and Co up there, it's fantastic. There's no pressure on me this week. Just go out and play. I do think about The Race to Dubai a bit, the Top 60.
But here in China, got a great sponsor in HSBC, fantastic course, good fans. So you've got to kind of be grateful that you're here and kind of embrace it.

Q. Reading between the lines, do you let things get to you at other stages?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I can do. I have done in the past. And you know, I kind of wonder sometimes where I'm really solid tee-to-green, where I can't put a score together, that's the most frustrating thing.
From my viewpoint, at the end of the day, it's great putting the two scores. I've basically played like that from tee-to-green all season. It's just holing a few putts and then maybe hitting a couple of short irons close and if you miss a green get up-and-down.
A good learning curve this week and I'm going to go out there and feel no pressure and just go and pick my shots and hit it.
And also, my caddie, Mark, he's been with me the last two years and he was good out there, settles me down, make sure I've got a shot in mind. That's all we are going to do and just try and play as I normally do.

Q. You mentioned some of the other players that are involved here. Does it help you puff your chest out that bit more that they are behind you?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, it's nice. Obviously you look up to a lot of these players and over the last two years, I've grown to kind of -- I still look up to them, but I've grown to be out there and compete; I want to beat them.
Whereas I think a few years ago, I was there, but I didn't really have the confidence in myself to go out there and feel like I could beat them. And now I have the self-belief, I go to America quite a lot and my girlfriend's been fantastic supporting me out there and the guys at the Golf Club of Georgia are my main sponsor, a great group when I played with last week. They all just sit back and say, look, we are proud of you, go out there and play; and if you can just do your best, that's good for us.
That kind of frees you up and gives you that better attitude and that's what I'm trying to take this week.

Q. I know you've reflected on the past about practise in the States, still beneficial and worthwhile going back there for the sunshine and guaranteed courses?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Oh, yeah, definitely. It was actually really good to play with Jason Bohn today. He's only like 25 miles from where I live in Atlanta. The golf course out there is fantastic. The greens are pure, very similar to the ones out here.
So when I get ten foot downhill and the greens are running about 12, I know what it feels like. And that gives you a little bit of added confidence.
So you know, it all adds up to a little bit more self-belief. There's not a great difference between sometimes being at the top of the board and being in the middle of the pack, and it's just those small edges you have to pick up and those little parts of experience that you have to kind of feed off.
You know, I'm managing to do that this week, and hopefully long may it continue.

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