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November 4, 2010

Louis Oosthuizen


First Round 69 (-3)

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was okay. You know, my first round back, I think this morning, the way it felt didn't feel too great, the ankle. I thought if I walk off close to level par or even 1- or 2-over would be satisfying.
I played nicely. Short game was quite good, and just a few shots where I'm very restricted on turning, but you know, found a way out there.

Q. When it happened, we thought you would be out for a couple of tournaments. We didn't think it would be this serious; I guess the same with you.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I thought I would definitely play Bermuda, but the Dunhill was always the skip everyone -- all of the doctors and physios said there's no way I could go back that early. Eventually it ended up being more serious than I thought.

Q. Take us through the story. What happened?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I ran after a buck which I wounded and I tripped into a pothole and I tore the ligaments on the left ankle

Q. Can and this is all while you're back on holiday, as well, for Charl Schwartzel's wedding?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: That was the first week of my holiday. So it messed up everything, really. But yeah, it did happen for it a reason.

Q. And you limped away from the bush pretty much straight to the hospital or something?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No. The funny thing is I strapped it up, because it was the first day of the hunting strip, and I strapped it up -- but I properly strapped it up. I felt like I had cement around my ankle, that's how bad I strapped it.
So I was still hunting for another two days, but off my feet. I was on the back of a pick up. So I didn't walk or run or anything.

Q. And what's the prognosis now?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I've got to play with this thing till the end of January, at least. The doctors and physios and everyone is so scared of accidentally just tripping over it or even by walking and having an awkward stance in a bunker and things like that.
I think just safety and to get it strong again.

Q. Doctors being doctors probably say, don't play golf at all?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: You know, I must say, they reckoned four to six weeks, and this is 5 1/2 weeks. So I think I've behaved.

Q. What would satisfy you this week?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Coming here, I didn't expect anything. I just want to get back into playing and playing solid. So you know what, I'm just out there and trying to have fun with everything that's going on with the ankle. But yeah, I'm not -- I'm still not expecting too much. I'm just going to get back into it.

Q. Well, there are things like Race to Dubai which should be on your mind?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, it should be, but I think confidence-wise, I just need to play and see myself a little bit better. You never know. It's a funny old game.

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