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November 2, 2010

Corrado Barazzutti

Flavia Pennetta

Francesca Schiavone


JEANMARIE DALY: We're ready for our first question.

Q. Captain, how is your preparation?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Preparation is usually preparation. Here we practice, we try the court. Court is okay. Player are in good shape.
So we have some days still to practice, then going to see what's happen. Everything is going okay. We just arrive yesterday, so... that's it.

Q. Francesca, how has your life changed since winning the French?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: It's fantastic, because was a great trophy and fantastic dream. The people Italy change a lot, but family and friends is exactly the same.
But maybe I have to speak a little bit more with you, with the journalists. Is big emotion for me to watch on TV, so it's good feeling.

Q. Flavia, the Italians have the edge in rankings. Does that matter when it comes to Fed Cup? Does that make a big difference in Fed Cup?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I think in Fed Cup everything can happen, so you have to be really focus. We still like working in the same way. We have just to have respect for the other player and go on the court and to play our best.

Q. Captain, obviously you played the U.S. last year and they're a slightly different team. Talk about the differences between last year's final and this year?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Well, first of all, we play here in United States, indoor courts, hardcourts. That are many, many different.
Other that's different, we have Francesca, who won Roland Garros. We are a great team. And, well, it's the same of last year. We are player much better in the ranking, and last year is a match that -- is a match we are favorite, but it's all the same.
It's Fed Cup tie, and it's always very, very tough, very difficult. Is very similar of the matchup of last year. We are here to try to win. We know that will be very tough, because anyway, the American team is in a final. I think they play very, very well to be here in the final.
So we know that will be very difficult.

Q. Talk about how you guys feel differently coming in this year as opposed to last year.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Of course it's one year more and we have more experience. We play good the first round, the second round. The team is always complete with energy, confidence. That's our key, so we keep going to work on this.
We are also curious to see how we go in this final, because to play at home is different than to play outside. (Indiscernible)...to give the best, and then we one has to win and one has to lose.

Q. For Flavia, your rankings are not a little bit better than the Americans, they're quite a bit better. I don't know what your head-to-head is, but I'm assuming that you have the advantages in the head-to-heads, too. How are you not overconfident?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Well, I think the ranking is not the first thing in tennis, so you cannot say like the ranking in the first thing. You have to go on the court and play and all the time respect for the opponent.
In Fed Cup actually everything can happen. You see a lot of time some player with bad ranking beat like a good player.
So my situation, I think like all situation, we have best ranking in this moment, but I think there is not too much different in the moment when you are on the court.

Q. As for Bethanie and Melanie, do you expect to see Bethanie and Melanie playing singles?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: One has to play.

Q. One obviously has to play. But would you be surprised if CoCo found a way into the singles lineup?
CAPTAIN BARAZZUTTI: Well, we worry just to be concentrated to play against all of them, the player that Mary Joe decide to put on the court. That's all our problem to concentrate for that.
It's the last of our problem to think who's going to play.

Q. (Question in Italian.)
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: It's our goal to play to the best, and then we have also the level really to take trophy. We love to play Fed Cup. We are a good team. That's our goal.

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