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October 30, 2010

Josh Hamilton

Mitch Moreland


San Francisco Giants 2
Texas Rangers 4

Q. Do you think you guys were more comfortable playing here as Ron said? And do you think you shifted any momentum tonight in the series?
JOSH HAMILTON: I think the playoffs have proved it doesn't really matter where we play. We feel comfortable. Obviously playing at home is always better, but throughout the playoffs we've had great success on the road.
You know, the momentum, obviously we're still down one game, but it's shifted. I mean, we're at home, we've got the fans behind us. We're right where we want to be.

Q. Mitch, could you just take us through that at-bat with the home run. Were you looking to get a fastball as you were fouling all those pitches off?
MITCH MORELAND: Well, I knew I had a runner in scoring position, so he was going to try to pitch me tough, you know, and I fouled off some off-speed stuff and just tried to battle back, and I got the fastball. I think it was kind of down and in, and was able to put a good swing on it.

Q. Josh, can you take me through the home run at-bat and why have you shown such power against left-handed hitters.
JOSH HAMILTON: I blacked out for a second. I'm just messing with you.
You know, Mitch had already hit a home run, and I saw how he battled up there. Mitch is stubborn. He's not going to let anybody beat him. He's got that competitive attitude about him, which is a very good thing as an athlete. I saw how he battled him. They were throwing me inside most of the night. Every pitcher I faced did.
It was finally good, just like the Yankees series when I hit the home run off Pettitte, but the one that felt good was the one I flied out to the wall, finally stayed square. I felt like tonight just stayed square and covered the ball.

Q. For Mitch, when you see your name ninth in the lineup, what do you think? Do you have to put your ego aside?
MITCH MORELAND: Not at all. I'm in the lineup, so I just try to go out -- I know my job is go up there and grind out at-bats and do what I can to see some pitches and try to get on base a few times.

Q. Mitch, when you started the season in the Minor Leagues there was a lot of talk about Justin Smoak being the first baseman of this organization, was that something you used as motivation to get here and to have success here?
MITCH MORELAND: Not so much that as me just trying to go out and take care of what I can do, stick with my game plan and my approach. I knew if everything fell into place that I would be in the right spot at the right time, and I've got the opportunity, and it's been a lot of fun so far.

Q. Josh, to hit that first World Series home run in the first game here, running around the bases, the fireworks are going off, the music is playing, with everything you've gone through to get to that moment, how sweet is it to be making that trip around the bases?
JOSH HAMILTON: It's pretty sweet, but at the same time I was thinking about the couple at-bats before that. You know, it was great, I put a good swing on it, but thinking about that swing I just took and thinking about how to replicate that swing.
So it was all great. I've got some family in town. Crowd was good, fireworks were awesome, but that's what we try to do. I mean, we try to entertain folks.

Q. What has Colby meant to you guys this post-season?
JOSH HAMILTON: He's been tremendous. You know, throughout the whole season he's pitched well. We just never supported him with runs. You know, his focus level, the intensity when you see him go out there, he's on a mission, and he's pitched well. And fortunately we've scored runs when he's pitched.
We were joking around that we saved up all the runs from the season for the playoffs. But he's just been tremendous. He's been just as good as Cliff and C.J. It's pretty awesome to be out there in center and watch him pitch.

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