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October 30, 2010

Tommy Hunter


Q. I know your game is throwing strikes, but in the post-season have you almost thrown too many strikes and getting too much of the plate?
TOMMY HUNTER: Maybe at times. That's why they're hitting the ball. It's just a thing to attack them, go after them, and that's what I do, and that's what I'm going to continue to do. I'm not going to change the game plan just because this is the World Series. I'm going to continue to go after them and pound the zone.

Q. What difference, if any, is there to pitching in the post-season? It's still baseball, still a start but what have you noticed?
TOMMY HUNTER: It's pretty important. It's an important time of year. This is what you've played your whole life for. But inside the lines nothing has changed. It's all outside the lines is when things change. It's still a baseball game. The plate is still 60 feet, 6 inches away from you, basepaths is 90 feet. Nothing changes. It's baseball. That's the best time of the day for us. Once you get in between the lines.

Q. Kind of an off-beat question, but anything from your judo experience that you can --
TOMMY HUNTER: (Laughing) No. I mean, that was a fun time back when I was little. But you know, it's a little different; judo is one-on-one and baseball is as a team. They've been picking me up lately, and now it's my turn to pick them up.

Q. What's the best piece of advice you got for dealing with pitching in the World Series to this point?
TOMMY HUNTER: Take a deep breath. You know, they warned us coming in that media is going to be a lot more than what it has been since you've been in the Big Leagues, and they were right. But Hawk, Maddux, all those guys, they basically said it's still the same game when you get in between those lines. You've got to approach it the same, you still have to attack the hitters, and don't change anything just because it's the post-season. Do what got you here and make it work.

Q. I know you and Colby are somewhat different pitchers, but can you learn anything by seeing him tonight and following him on what he does?
TOMMY HUNTER: Oh, definitely. You know, he's a big right-handed pitcher. He pounds the zone. He strikes out a lot more people than I do. He's got a pretty good secondary pitch.
That's the way we're different. He's got a slider and I throw more curveballs. He's got the curveball, too, which is going to be something that he's going to play around with today and I'm definitely going to watch, see how he executes, and hopefully I can pick up where he leaves off.

Q. To that end will you sit down and have a conversation with him after this game or before tomorrow's game?
TOMMY HUNTER: Oh, I'll be watching. I'll be charting this game. I'm going to watch every pitch. That's what we do. We chart the games before, and the fact that Colby is going to be throwing today is pretty helpful for me.

Q. Are you disappointed you didn't get a chance to pitch in the National League park and hit?
TOMMY HUNTER: (Laughing) It would have been fun, but I mean, I'm probably not a very good hitter. I'll just throw that out. I'm probably not very good at all. Hand-eye coordination is probably off since high school.

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