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October 27, 2010

Jelena Jankovic


K. CLIJSTERS/J. Jankovic
6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When you didn't come into the press conference last night, we kind of assumed you might withdraw from the tournament. Were you close to doing that, and are you glad you carried on?
JELENA JANKOVIC: You know, it was tough, because, you know, yesterday after, you know, I came in the locker room I collapsed and I had a hard time. I really didn't know where I was. I received IV and really felt terrible for an hour or so.
No, it was tough to see how I was going to be. I didn't really want to make any early decisions. I just wanted to see how I was going to feel the next day.
Obviously I'm feeling tired and weak and not -- you know, I'm maybe at 20% of my ability. I didn't train today. I just did the best that I could on the court.
So, you know, I played some good points and I -- but obviously I'm not in good shape. I'm getting tired very quickly and my tennis is not at my high level. But I did the best that I could, and I think that's what counts.

Q. Is that it? Are you going to carry on and try and play the three?
JELENA JANKOVIC: You know, I'm a fighter. I don't like to give up, no matter what.
Like I said, I know I'm not playing my best tennis in this moment. I'm not -- you know I'm still sick and I'm going to -- it's like I have one more match to go. I just want to hopefully try to play.
Then I will have some time off and recover fully and get healthy and then start training for the next year and be a good player again.

Q. You told us that you were sick in Moscow and everything. What actually is the problem at the moment?
JELENA JANKOVIC: You know, I have some infection, and I have as well like sinus problems. You know, if I keep going with -- I really don't want to say too much.
Let's just say that I'm sick. That's...

Q. I guess with all the rules and everything, you can't take very much to help yourself.
JELENA JANKOVIC: No, I mean, the best thing to do is to rest. I been taking antibiotics about a week before, and I took before Moscow. Unfortunately I was immune to them so they didn't help.
Then they change it to another antibiotic, and I don't know. I will see. We will do another test and see how it's going. It's been tough. That's always making me tired and weak.
Playing in these kind of conditions it's not easy. It obviously doesn't help. You know, I was so excited to be here playing the Championships, and then I really just wanted to give my best.
Knowing that my tennis is not really there, you know, my fitness is not there, but still I came here to play and do whatever I could do. That's just how I am and how my personality is. I kind of never give up.

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