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October 26, 2010

Vera Zvonareva


V. ZVONAREVA/J. Jankovic
6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That match worked out very well for you, didn't it?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Yeah, I think the match, I played a very good match overall. I think it is very difficult for most of the players to show their best tennis in the first match.
I think maybe I didn't show my best tennis today. I had some few unforced errors in that first set. But I think overall I played really well. Even though if I had few unforced errors, I was coming up with great shots right afterwards.
So I think it was very good performance from me, and it just feels an amazing to win my first match at the Championships.

Q. What does it feel like out there? Is it very humid?
VERA ZVONAREVA: It is humid, but, you know, conditions, I don't really mind the conditions. I like to play in the heat and humidity. It didn't really bother me today.

Q. Did you get a feeling that you were actually getting right on top right early in the match?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Um, I think it always looks a little bit easier from the side than it is on the court. I think we had a very long first set. We had some long games out there, and I managed to win those. Then the second set was a little bit quicker.
But overall, I think it was a very good fight. I'm really happy the way I played in the key points.

Q. What do you think changed between the first and second set? Do you think she got a little bit tired, or were you just doing some things you weren't doing in the first set?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Yeah, I think I managed to go for my shots and make a little bit more shots without unforced errors. I think I had few unforced errors in the first set when I was trying to finish the point.
You know, I was still trying to find my rhythm. I think in the second set I was -- I found that rhythm and I was playing a little bit more aggressive and going for my shots and making those.

Q. As you look ahead, what are some things you would like to improve upon?
VERA ZVONAREVA: I think I will just have to improve just the consistency, just to go for my shots, maybe a little bit of serve, maybe a little bit better returns. Just overall game. There is nothing in particular.
I think the most important thing is just to play a little bit more consistent.

Q. You had an early day start, the first day start. This means that you may have one day off if you reach the semifinal. Is this an advantage?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Well, it's too early to talk about the semifinal. I have to play my match tomorrow. It's going to be a tough match. That's all I'm trying to concentrate on.
That's it. I don't really think about schedules or anything else. I know it's going to be a tough day tomorrow. I will try to do my best, and then we will see. I'm not thinking about anything else yet.

Q. Wozniacki also wins her match quickly. Does this mean that the world class players don't find it difficult to win their match versus to the other players?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Well, you know, at the end of the year there are eight top players playing. All matches are very tough. I think it just happened that way that, you know, on the first day we had to matches like that. That's tennis.
One day you can have a match that's played in 30 minutes, and the next week you play the same opponent and it can take three and a half hours. It is just the game.
The most important thing is to analyze the game just to think about what you've done well, what you've done wrong, and try to do a little bit better the next time.

Q. Yesterday you told us about the Internet polls about best-dressed male player and most popular male player. Who did you vote for?
VERA ZVONAREVA: I know that there are votings like that, but I didn't vote for anyone.

Q. Who would you vote for?
VERA ZVONAREVA: I would vote -- I don't know, but I really like Rafael Nadal. I like the way he plays, and just as an athlete and an a person. I think his interviews are always funny. I'm really enjoying watching him.

Q. And best-dressed player?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Best dressed player, um, I don't know. It's tough to say, but I think Roger's got a good style. (Smiling.) There are quite a few other players probably. I just don't pay attention that much.

Q. What do you think about your match tomorrow against Azarenka?
VERA ZVONAREVA: Well, it is going to be difficult match. Victoria is a great player. She just won a tournament in Moscow. Also she's a good friend of mine, and we always had some tough matches.
You know, no expectations. I will just have to go out there and try my best. Hopefully we can put up a good match, good fight, and we will see what's going to happen.

Q. She's coached by your former coach. Does that make it a little bit strange, to see him in the stands for your opponent?
VERA ZVONAREVA: I don't think it's strange. Things like that happen in tennis. He's a good coach. But when we go on the court tomorrow it's about how we play on this day. Each day is different. We try to bring our best on the court and analyze our previous matches and make some adjustments for the next one. That's about it.
When we're on the court, we try to stay professional and show our best. That's it. We're not really thinking about anything else around.

Q. Last year you replace Safina, and this year you are one of the best favorite of the tournament. How do you consider this situation?
VERA ZVONAREVA: I'm just enjoying my time in Doha. I played some great matches here in the past against some great players. Doesn't really matter. I'm coming here to compete and play every single match. I'm not thinking about who's favorite and who's not.
I know every match is tough here, and every opponent who made it too the Championships deserves to be here. I just have to take one match at a time. I have to go out there and perform my best. If I don't, it's very difficult to win matches here. That's all I'm trying to concentrate on.

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