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October 26, 2010

LeBron James

Dwyane Wade


HEAT – 80

Q. Dwyane, what did you think of your game, your team's game? Was it hard for you, first game in a long time?
DWYANE WADE: A little bit out of rhythm, of course. This is my first -- LeBron's and my first preseason game. Just getting a little bit out of rhythm and continuity is still -- with me being out, the continuity is still not there yet. But I thought defensively we played well. We did a good job of holding this team to 88 points, and we've still got a lot of things we can work on.
So the offense will come. It just didn't come tonight like we wanted it. But that's the least of our worries.

Q. Dwyane, you were saying this morning, and I wanted to get both of your takes on this, just that until you've been through something like this experience that you guys are going through right now with the hostile crowds and just playing together, you can't even mentally prepare for it because no one has really been through it before with this particular kind of situation. What is that like now that you guys have both had a game of it?
DWYANE WADE: Well, the hostile crowd is fine. We've played in hostile environments before, so that's respect. We come out on the court and we get the boos, that's respect to this ballclub. More than anything, just getting used to everything, getting used to playing with each other, getting used to the -- the attention this team is going to have on them, getting used to a lot of things that are not so popular, as well. I think we've got the guys that know how to respond to them. This is one of 82. Sorry if everyone thought we were going to go 82 and 0, it just ain't happening.
LeBRON JAMES: I think just to piggyback on what he said, we've been in hostile environments before but this is a work in progress. We all know Rome wasn't built in one day, so it's going to take time, and we understand that. You know, we have to keep on making progress every day and just continue to get better.

Q. LeBron, in the first quarter you attempted only about seven shots versus the third quarter. How do you explain that output, the third versus the first?
LeBRON JAMES: I think right now it's a feel-out process for myself, for D-Wade, for Chris and for the rest of the guys. You know, and I talked to those guys, it almost felt like we were being too unselfish to get each other into the flow of the game, and the reason we're here and the reason we've been successful is because we've put ourselves in a position to be aggressive at all times no matter who's out on the court. I think in the third quarter, I think D-Wade started to be more aggressive, I started to be more aggressive, even Chris started to be more aggressive. But we didn't make our shots.
We have to understand we can't be too unselfish because we have so many options. We just have to play our game and it's going to be better for the team.

Q. LeBron, it did look like you were giving up -- because you have so much more talent around you, you were giving up the ball more quickly in the half court. Are we going to see a lot more of that going forward?
LeBRON JAMES: Well, like I said, it's a feel-out process. When you have so many options it's something I'm not accustomed to, having that many threats out on the court at the same time. It kind of reminded me at times throughout the USA practices. Coach K really had to get on us one day because we were being too unselfish because we had so many options. You'd have unforced turnovers and you seen me and D-Wade had 14 turnovers between us, too. A lot of them was being too unselfish when we had an open look. You're going to have that early. As the cohesiveness continues to get better, we've got to protect the balls more, but we'll learn where the guys want the ball on the court.

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