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October 24, 2010

Kelly Tan


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, with someone who needs no introduction, Kelly Tan, who's played really well this week, finished with a 1-over today. Really great performance. Kelly, I guess firstly tell us your thoughts about today's round.
KELLY TAN: Thank you. I was par, par, par until the 8, and on the 9 I was a bit nervous and I had a great putt and I had a downhill. But I was really at peace that on the 10th hole I was telling myself to just keep doing the same thing, don't change my game plan. And I did. And I did well on the second nine.
THE MODERATOR: And I guess overall I think you're going to finish at the moment mid 30s or 30, something like that. Coming into the week, you must have been very excited now. Maybe look back on your experiences this week.
KELLY TAN: Gees, so fast. I finished the tournament in mid 30s. I know I can do better than that, but it's a really good experience for me to play this week.
And the course is in great condition, played with all the top players, and I really enjoyed it.
THE MODERATOR: And you played also today with Katherine Hull, who won just two weeks ago, so very much at the top of her game. I think you played with Natalie, I think, on the first day as well, so you really played with some great players as well. How did your help your game and affect your game, I guess?
KELLY TAN: Well, they stayed really cool even though make some mistakes, and be patient is what they do I saw.
THE MODERATOR: Questions, guys?

Q. Kelly, the experience of playing with professionals and you've been playing with a lot of amateurs prior to this, how does this feel different? One of the things I noticed in public after playing with the pros that maybe now you (indiscernible).
KELLY TAN: This seems like the Top 50 in the world come in to play our KRGCC. And they are professional. Of course, they do things 100 percent, and yeah.
THE MODERATOR: So what can you take out of that? What lessons can you learn from being with those players?

Q. I think I spoke with (indiscernible) after you played with her the first round. She said you have a great swing.
KELLY TAN: Thank you.

Q. You have a bit of distance. Have you been working on that?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. Yeah. Obviously my driver is a bit short compared to them, but that's what I will be working on next week, probably the next couple years.

Q. Will you be doing gym work or --
KELLY TAN: Yeah. Of course, I will start. Physically, mentally, technically, everything have to be improved.

Q. (Indiscernible).
KELLY TAN: No. We were really enjoying today, and they are really nice, Emmy and Kathleen, and I got a lot of motivation from them. They are very nice.

Q. Any thought of turning pro soon?
KELLY TAN: Oh, no. My game will tell me. When I'm shooting 62, 62 consistently.

Q. 62?
KELLY TAN: Uh-huh.

Q. Do you plan to go to college first in the U. S. or something?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. I am planning to. Yeah.
THE MODERATOR: Tell us out on the first tee today, you mentioned it a couple of times, we were down there today. The other players were introduced, quite a bit of applause, but then when you came, a huge sort of noise. What's the feeling there with so many people?
KELLY TAN: (Indiscernible) Malaysia. I think I get used to it. The first day I was really nervous. You know, my heartbeat was really fast, but today I think I handled it pretty well.

Q. Were some of your friends following you on the course today?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. My families, my friend. My families' friend, my uncle, my auntie. My coach.

Q. Does it help you?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. Of course. It gives me a lot of encouragement.

Q. Do you feel more comfortable playing on home ground as compared to, you know?
KELLY TAN: Of course, it's a little bit of advantage for us to play on our home ground. And the weather, we are used to it. The course, nice course.

Q. Kelly, what was your target before the tournament and how much percent of it have you achieved now?
KELLY TAN: I would say 80 percent, 90.

Q. And what is after this?
KELLY TAN: I'll be playing the Asian Games, followed by the Greg Norman Junior in Australia.

Q. So how do you feel this has prepared you for the Asian Games?
KELLY TAN: Oh, this is a real good experience. Asian Games is all over the world, and the Greg Norman Junior in Australia.

Q. So again, what's your target?
KELLY TAN: Get a medal.

Q. What's your best distance?
KELLY TAN: I would say 230 meters.

Q. That's about the same (indiscernible)?
KELLY TAN: Yeah, but my ball don't really run. Their ball runs a lot.
THE MODERATOR: Any more questions? Thank you very much. Well done, Kelly. Congratulations.
KELLY TAN: Thank you.

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