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October 23, 2010

Webb Simpson


MARK STEVENS: Webb Simpson got to 17-under. Start off and talk a little bit about your round and then we'll take a couple questions.
WEBB SIMPSON: Overall it was a good day, pretty much just what I wanted for today. I knew there were going to be some low scores out there, so I was glad to get 7-under. Good start on 1 but a bit of a slow start after that. I was 1-over through 5. But I told myself to stay patient and I knew birdies would come, and I knew I was playing well enough to make a lot of birdies, and they came.
I birdied 6 through 9 and then 11 through 13, and then 15 and 16. I don't know if I've ever had ten birdies in a round out here on TOUR, but it felt good. Hopefully tomorrow I can kind of eliminate those bogeys.

Q. When you're in this position does it change anything for tomorrow? You've been very steady all weekend, and I was just wondering if two shots out of the lead, does it change how you'll play the course tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, you know, the only thing that will change anything is this wind because we have had a bit of wind all week, so the golf course is firming out a little bit. Any changes I'll make, I'll just kind of change to whatever elements come tomorrow. But in terms of mindset and what I'm trying to do out there, I'm going to stay aggressive.
It's going to take making a lot more birdies tomorrow, too, I think, so just keep going.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, even as the day went out, dried out a little and the golf course played shorter.

Q. What was the difference or key for you today?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think just reminding myself that I was playing really good all week. I drove it down the middle of the fairway on 1, 2, 3, hit a bad iron shot on 2, and 3 I three-putted. It wasn't really anything -- it was just more careless than anything else. So I told myself to just stick with it. The golf course here is -- when you don't have any wind, the greens are soft, you're going to make a ton of birdies. So it was just a matter of just not getting upset, not getting ahead of myself and sticking with the game plan.

Q. Were you surprised at the golf course? Usually it's windy, it's got everything going against you, and this week --
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I feel like we're playing in Palm Springs. You kind of just adapt. You know, if there's no wind, scores are going to be lower. If it's windy they'll be a little higher. We don't think too much about it. I'm glad the rain is gone. I think it's gone for tomorrow. But you know, we'll just see what tomorrow brings.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about your putting and your ability to make a lot of them today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I love these greens. I grew up on bentgrass greens just like this. It's just one of those weeks where I'm seeing the lines well. I'm reading them well and they're going in, which is nice. This year overall I've putted pretty good. I haven't had many tournaments where I've made everything, and this week I'm making a lot of putts, so it's nice.

Q. It seems like a lot of guys are seeing it really well and stroking it well. Is there a little element of luck involved?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, well, I think you're seeing guys make more because these greens have a lot of slope, and I think most people think it would be the opposite. Flatter greens it's easier to make putts. But I think longer putts is easier to start rolling them in because they're breaking in towards the hole.

Q. Did you do a good job keeping the ball in the fairway for the most part?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, for the most part.

Q. Did you make any club adjustments today with the course playing a little bit shorter?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, we hit a 3-wood a couple holes where I've been hitting driver, so will probably do the same tomorrow.

Q. Guys hit 3-wood out here a lot because some of these are really narrow and you don't want to get in trouble. Has that always been your thought process when you played here?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I think the rough, though, is short enough to where you can hit driver and if you're in the rough it's not a big deal.

Q. Cameron Percy was talking about that, where if you miss by two feet normally you're in big trouble. Here if you're missing two or three feet you can still manage it.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. Have you found that to be the case today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, well, we were able to see my ball from the tee if it was in the rough, which is always a good sign.

Q. That's a nice luxury. You don't see that here too often.

Q. They usually let it grow out.

Q. And try to toughen it up for you guys.

Q. I see your wife is here?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I'm going to practice just a little bit and sharpen it up and then I think we're having a date tonight.

Q. Nice dinner maybe and just relax and get ready for tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, we're staying with two of our good friends in Henderson. Not going near the casinos.

Q. Does it change everything when you can sleep in just a little bit longer?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it's nice, but I think three or four times a week every week I'm getting up really early, so you kind of just go with it. And it's always nice to sleep in a little bit.

Q. Has your caddie done a good job of keeping you on an even keel all week?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I think he knows me well enough to know when to tell me to calm down or tell me to wake up. He's been doing a good job.

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