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October 23, 2010

Bruce Bochy


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bruce Bochy.

Q. You kind of hinted that you might go with Renteria at short and Uribe at third. Why do that in light of the fact that Pablo has kind of been swinging better lately?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I think it makes us a little stronger on the left side of the infield as far as defense. Edgar has faced Oswalt quite a bit, too, and he's been swinging the bat I think better.
So we just felt, when we looked at everything, our best lineup tonight would be putting Juan at third and Edgar at short and use Pablo coming off the bench.

Q. Obviously you're just centering on tonight's game, but with Cain going tomorrow, can you talk about his development over the course of the season and what a big game he pitched the other night?
BRUCE BOCHY: You're right, I'm just concentrating on tonight's game. But I will say as far as Matt Cain, what a great year he's had for us, how consistent he's been.
And he's one of our veterans on the staff, so to speak. He's got the longest tenure as a Giant and I've enjoyed watching his growth as a pitcher. This is a kid that was a power-type arm that basically went all fastballs and now he's developed some good secondary pitches and he'll throw any pitch anytime. So it's been nice to see his growth.

Q. Any clarity on Lincecum? Is he going to not throw his bullpen today? Is he going to be available for you in this game tonight or tomorrow?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, we'll talk to Timmy and see where he's at. He's not going to throw a bullpen today, no. But whether he's available or not, we'll sit down and talk with Timmy after he plays catch and just lets us know how the arm feels.
But we do have Madison Bumgarner who could be available.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the difference mentally maybe in a team if there is one of a team going home with a 3-2 lead like Texas did as opposed to your situation, 3-2 lead going on the road like this?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I'm sure if you had to pick which one you would want, you'd rather go home. But we've been road warriors, especially down the stretch. And found a way to win a game here in the first two games. And this team's been tested. We've been tested quite a bit.
And we had to go in Atlanta and figure a way to win games there. And they did it. So we're playing a great team. But, again, if you had your choice, I think you would always would rather play at home.

Q. Phillies are putting Rollins back in the lead-off spot. Does that change anything for what you want Jonathan to be thinking of? Does that change the dynamic at all the way you're looking at it?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, it doesn't change anything as far as how we look at their lineup. And he, Rollins and Victorino, they're similar type players. Great players. No, it doesn't change anything.

Q. Bruce, this team is made up of a lot of people you picked up throughout the season, if you can make it to the World Series do you think it sort of changes the dynamic of what it takes to get a team to win a league championship and get to the World Series?
BRUCE BOCHY: Every year is different with clubs, how they have success. You look at the club we're playing. I mean, they've pretty much had the same team over the past few years. And it's a great team and it's worked well for them.
And other teams, when you go through a season, you see your needs. And Brian Sabean has done a great job of filling those needs for us. We've had some injuries, lost our two left-handers, we got Lopez, felt like we needed a bat, and Pat Burrell worked out great for us, Cody Ross.
So really every situation is a little bit different depending on the team and its needs. And I'm sure if this team would have had a lot of different injuries, they might have made some different moves. But Texas, they go out and get Cliff Lee. That's a big reason why they're there.
You've got to fill your needs. And that's what we did to help us get here.

Q. Is there any sentiment to thinking that this might be a must-win game because you don't want to come back to a Game 7? Is that how you treat it, you've got to win this one?
BRUCE BOCHY: I said this yesterday: I think you treat this as another game and play it in the same way, go out there, play it hard, play it right. I don't think you put any added pressure on yourself. You go out there and try to execute. You don't think about what's ahead of you or putting a must-win on.
If you got to the last game, that's a little bit different, then you probably have to think like that. But you don't look at the bigness of the game as much as going out and playing your game. That's what we have to do.

Q. I have to get in my obligatory Padre reference, but the '98 NL Championship Series was very much the same: You had a 3-1 lead, lost Game 5 at home, had to come into Atlanta with Tom Glavine pitching to close out that series, and you guys did. Any similarities in your mind?
BRUCE BOCHY: I think what's similar is it's the same situation as far as the record, 3-2, you come in facing a great team with a great staff. That's the only way I think you look at it being similar.
And we have to win a game, and that's where it's at right now.

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